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Power Tips


Health is King and Queen!

It all starts off with how we think! What better reason to exercise than for health? When your primary reason for exercise is vanity, you're less likely to be consistent. This is because after a long day of work and caring for everyone at home, the last thing on your list of priorities is looking good in a bathing suit. Therefore, you're much more likely to skip your workout. But if you think about health and all the benefits -- reduced risk of disease (cardiovascular, cancer, stroke and diabetes), improved sleep, reduced stress, better circulation, improved sex, better mood, weight control, looking younger -- you're much more likely to stick to a program. It also sets a great example for your loved ones

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Fear Not!

Incorrect or insufficient exercise knowledge causes fear that leads to inactivity. With the simple "Power Moves" concept of "4 motions," there is no reason to fear gyms and/or exercise equipment. Just remember the 4 motions (joints) for a total body workout: Shoulders, Elbows, Hips and Knees. Once you're armed with the knowledge that these joints engage all the major muscles of the body, you're set to work out anywhere and anytime. Try a few moves every day, coupled with some cardiovascular exercise. Walking is a great choice because it has the highest compliance rate of any exercise. Before you know it, you'll be helping your family and friends lead healthier lives. linea


Confidence Boost!

Exercise is an instant confidence booster. Once you begin to exercise, you instantly feel better about yourself. These feelings permeate into other areas of your life, causing you to develop a deeper desire for health and wellness. I've always felt that exercise is the greatest catalyst for change. Try to engage in exercise 3 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. linea tip4

People often find themselves wishing they had their favorite celebrity's body -- when they should be focusing on perfecting what they have already. This is much easier and healthier than working towards something that you're not. Celebrate what makes you special and work on being the BEST you can be. So keep buying or start buying those fitness magazines, but use the images as inspiration to become a Super YOU!!! linea


Move into the future!

Technology is great in many ways. We can do just about anything from our computers without having to do much other than lift a finger. These advancements in technology have brought us an enormous amount of convenience, but at the cost of our health. Unfortunately, we've become more sedentary than ever. Our bodies are meant for movement! MOVE whenever possible! Get outside and interact socially! It's good for us physically and emotionally. Walk or ride a bike anywhere that is close enough to where you live or work. Also, take the stairs whenever possible. I always say, "We've been blessed with the ability to do so many things physically that we need not take for granted the gifts we possess." linea


Get an iPod!

Make playlists that will satisfy all of your needs, including fast, up-tempo music that inspires you to sweat - regardless of the length of your workout. Always add a few more songs than necessary to all of your playlists. This way, if you're in the zone, you don't have to stop early to change your mix. linea


Be creative!

If you can make yourself sweat, you're burning calories. A dance-off at home with family or friends can burn tons of calories and be loads of fun. You don't have to be in a gym to work out! Find exercises you love and incorporate them into your life. If you hate to work out, then think about it like this: Exercise is like work. Some of us are fortunate enough to be able to love what we do, while others might not be so lucky. These individuals work because they know they need to provide for themselves. Exercise is the same! Find a routine you hate the least because the rewards far outweigh the inconveniences. But never give up because, in the 17+yrs I've been in the fitness industry, I have yet to meet a person who doesn't end up finding a workout they love. Once you see the benefits a little work yields, you can't help but fall in love. linea


Quit the quick fix!

Forget the quick fix. Spend the time and money on getting healthy and fit for life. There is no magic bullet for knowledge, wealth or health. It takes hard work and dedication, but the rewards are real for those who put in the time and effort. It's not just about living a long life -- it's about being functional for life!!! linea


Set realistic goals!

Many people have a bad habit of setting unrealistic goals that lead to failure over and over again. This starts to play on your subconscious and you begin to feel like you are incapable of accomplishing anything. This mindset usually leads to self-destructive behavior. Set realistic goals. Then plan them out carefully and stick to them. linea


Dres for success!

Diet, Rest, Exercise and Stretch for a strong and healthy body for life. You should try to do the following every day: Eat a balanced diet (complete with fruit, vegetables and lean proteins), get a good night's sleep and break a sweat! Also, don't forget to stretch for increased range of motion and to prevent injury. Think of it as a lifestyle and not a diet!