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Motivation to Achieve Your Goals for the New Year

Here we are in the second week of January and that’s right – it’s a New Year! Time to take stock of your life; are you where you want to be? If not, the new year is a great time to start fresh and get rid of that “junk in the trunk” – whether it’s figurative or literal. However, for most people it’s not the making of goals that is the problem, it’s when you hit that half-way point where you just don’t have it in you to continue. So how do you keep motivated when you just want to quit? Here are some tips to help you reach those goals you set at the end of the year.

Break it Down

Half the problem is that people start out with too large or far away of a goal, and when the going gets tough the goal suddenly seems unrealistic, or too long-term to maintain motivation. So break down your goals. If you have a goal to lose 20 pounds by summer, then aim for 5 pounds this month. If you only lose four, then at least you obtained 80% of your goal!

Have a Back-Up Plan

Sometimes issues get in the way of our goals, like an illness that keeps you from exercising. In this case, have a substitute goal that you can focus on, so you don’t get complacent about reaching your primary goal, and to stay motivated. For example, if you have an exercise goal, and come down with an illness or injury, you could take your recovery time to test out some healthy new recipes that will give you more energy when you get back on track.

Let it Go

We all have bad days now and then which result in us going off-track of our goals. The key is to get right back on again! So what if you had a doughnut at the morning meeting, you’ll have a lovely salad for lunch, and cut back on sugar for the rest of the day! You have to learn to let go of your missteps, otherwise they will drag you off the path to your goal. If it helps, keep a diary and put all of your feelings about your missteps in there. When you are done, leave any negative feelings in the diary and move on to having a great tomorrow!

Get a Calendar

Having a visual record of your accomplishments can help you stay motivated. For every day (or half-day) that you manage to stay on track for your goals (i.e. eat well, exercise, think positively, etc.) give yourself a big check mark on your calendar, or go buy yourself some gold stars. At the end of the month when you look back, the day or two that you missed won’t seem quite as important as all those days you were on your game.

Find a Buddy

Achieving goals on your own can be a challenge – so get a buddy! It could be a friend, spouse, or someone you meet at the gym. Your goals don’t have to be the same; just as long as you are willing to be there to help each other stay motivated and inspired. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievements along the way as well!

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