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Stay on Track with Meditation for Weight Loss

We all get overwhelmed and stressed out at one point or another. But dealing with stress while we are on the quest to lose weight can be a huge challenge, because oftentimes we turn to food as a way to cope with the stress.  Which of course is only going to hinder your weight loss efforts. To help keep your stress levels at a tolerable level, consider making meditation a daily practice.  Not only will it help calm your mind and reduce stress, it can also help increase your chances of weight loss success.

How Meditation Helps

By setting aside a small amount of time per day to focus entirely on yourself, you are helping your mind prepare, which helps your body respond more positively. With just 10 minutes a day you can reduce stress and stop thinking about food. You will also find that your sleep will be improved and you will be able to focus more fully on your life outside of your diet.

The Science Behind Meditation

Researchers have used PET (positron emission tomography) scans on patients using meditation and imagery and have seen activity in the brain’s cerebral cortex – where higher mental functions reside. Whether someone is imagining or realizing, the same type of activity is recorded in the brain. The thinking is that by imagining something (losing weight), your brain reacts as if it is doing so, and sends messages to the rest of the body to respond.

Get Started Meditating with this Meditation for Beginners

Find a calm, quiet place where you can sit comfortably and relax. Usually a bedroom is a good idea, but stay off the bed which will only make you sleepy. Instead, sit on the floor with your back against something, or in a chair. Sit on a cushion if it increases comfort. The lotus position is the most beneficial for meditation, but as long as you are in a comfortable position, it will work. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Don’t change your breath, just think about it consciously – it will help to clear your mind. If you find yourself becoming distracted consider adding a mantra (something you repeat in your head) to focus on. If you still can’t clear your mind, consider writing down any distractions that come into your mind so you can deal with them later. Once your mind is clear you can start visualizing. Picture a place you would like to visit; a beach, a mountaintop, a boat. Breathe calmly, deeply, and evenly. Once you are fully calm and relaxed, picture yourself standing in a mirror. In the mirror picture your body the way you want it to be. Now imagine that your mirror image steps out of the mirror and merges with your old body to create the new you.

Give Meditation a Try!

By regularly clearing your mind and visualizing “the new you” you can reaffirm your goals, release stress, and stay on the right track. Whether you meditate for 5 minutes a day or longer, even for just a few moments, you can train your body to “think thin” and react accordingly. For those who are struggling with weight loss or just want to stay on track, a daily meditation can give you a better chance of reaching your weight loss goals.