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22 Days Nutrition is Giving Away Free Vegan Bars at 2:00 PM ET Today!

Today at 2:00 PM, we will begin giving away our PowerPacks for FREE . . .but only for 22 minutes!

From 2 PM until 2:22 PM Eastern Time, place an order for a PowerPack and the price will be $0 - you'll only pay shipping. The PowerPack contains our 4 vegan bars: Enlightened Pumpkinseed, Daily Mocha Mantra, Nut Butter Buddha Crunch and Cherry Chocolate Bliss. 22 Days Nutrition founder Marco Borges says, "We want to thank our fans for their wonderful support and this is our way of thanking them!" So set your alarm for 2 PM ET to remind you to head back to our website and place an order the PowerPack.  You can order your free PowerPack by clicking here.  You'll see the regular price of $11.99 at any other time of the day - we'll only change it to $0 at 2 PM. Thank you for all the love you've been giving us! Make sure you tell your friends so we can spread the love!  Tweet this article and share on Facebook :-)

Click Here to Get Your Free PowerPack at 2 PM! ->

Note:  You can only request 1 free PowerPack  per address.