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Health Benefits of Yerba Maté

If you love tea, but are looking to up the healthy quotient of your tea consumption, then substitute one or more regular cups of tea per day with a cup of yerba maté (MAH-tay). Full of antioxidants and other nutrients, yerba maté can help you feel and function better throughout your day.

Better For You

Originally from South America, this tea is made by steeping dried leaves and stems from the yerba maté plant. Although it does contain caffeine, the stimulating effect achieved by yerba maté is much more natural and balanced than that of other coffees and teas due to the addition of theobromine, which results in a more balanced stimulating effect, eliminating the “jitters” commonly associate with caffeinated beverages. Yerba maté is high in antioxidants, which has a rejuvenating effect on the body. Regular consumption of this beverage can strengthen the heart muscle, improve the immune system and even help relieve depression and anxiety. While all this is going on, yerba maté is also aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, and delivering a host of vitamins and minerals to the body.

Helps Control Your Weight

If you are looking to reduce or control your weight, try adding yerba maté to the end of a meal. The tea can help you feel full longer by slowing down digestion, which also lets your body absorb more nutrients from what you eat. Additionally, by boosting your metabolism, yerba maté also helps you burn more calories. If that wasn’t enough, the tea can also help you have more productive workouts by giving you more energy and reducing lactic acid build up (muscle soreness) which helps you to recover more quickly. While you can prepare yerba maté the same as any type of tea, this particular leaf has a particular preparation process that is specific to the tea and the South Americans who first began to prepare it. For maximum health and flavor benefits, it’s recommended to invest in a “maté” (natural or wood gourd) and a “bombilla” (filter straw). The tea is prepared in the gourd using a combination of cold and hot water, then you sip the tea through the bombilla. You can keep adding more yerba maté or water as needed to maintain a hot, delicious, and healthy drink. Give it a try, while it may not replace your favorite tea, at the very least it can be a healthy alternative to endless cups of pure caffeine!