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Challenge #1: 1 Dessert per Week

Ready to create another healthy habit?

This month, challenge yourself to have only 1 dessert per week.

Instead of reaching for that chocolate bar, get up and go for a walk, lift some weights, or do a quick yoga routine. You’ll feel better, promise. Remember that every time you cut out dessert or replace it with a healthy alternative, you are consuming less sugar, fat and fewer calories – something that your body will appreciate and repay in kind. Read our blog post for tips on successfully completing this challenge.

We're In This Together!

We're in this together. Join us on Facebook and Twitter, where we'll be cheering each other on to keep up the good work and create healthy new habits together. If you haven't connected with us yet, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. On Twitter, include the hashtag #22DaysChallenge to share with others.