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Beginner’s Guide to Ballet Barre Workouts

Looking for long, lean muscles and more core body strength? Look no further than a Ballet Barre workout. Based on dancing and yoga moves combined with strength training, ballet barre makes use of a bar and a variety of moves to sculpt your body. You don’t have to have any kind of background in dancing to get started with ballet barre, as the exercises are based on dance moves (plus yoga and Pilates) but aren’t actual “dancing.” All you need is a good attitude and a willingness to learn new poses, postures, and stretches.

Benefits of Ballet Barre

Usually set to upbeat music to keep you energized and motivated, ballet barre workouts aim for whole body health. Specifically, ballet barre burns fat while toning targeted areas including the butt, thighs, abs, hips, and arms. Through regular workouts you’ll find that your posture improves, bum is toned and lifted, and your muscles are long and lean. In addition, ballet barre workouts help you burn calories which make them a perfect complement to a weight loss or healthy diet plan. With regular practice (and in about 8 to 10 sessions) you’ll start to see results; less body fat, more muscle tone, and an overall better posture and stronger core. Ballet barre workouts are also low impact – great for recovering from injuries or getting fit after a health issue. Anyone can do it, young, old, male, female, fit or not.

Getting Started

You can join a Ballet Barre studio if there is one in your area, or work out from home. You’ll need a bit of space, preferably with a non-carpeted floor, and a bar attached to the wall (although a chair can suffice). You can make your own ballet barre with a 2-inch dowel purchased from a home improvement store mounted with wall brackets. Ideally the barre is mounted 36 inches from the ground. To keep an eye on your form, you may want to install wall mirrors as well. Grip socks can help you ensure that you don’t slip, while a yoga mat may be necessary for floor work. There are lots of online resources for ballet barre workouts, including online workouts or DVDs for purchase. Here are a few YouTube videos you can try out to get an idea of typical ballet barre workouts:

Have you tried a ballet barre class before? We’d love to know what you think!