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Bed & Breakfast – With a Twist

Staying at a bed and breakfast goes hand in hand with pampering, but what if it could go hand in hand with a transformation? Denise Mari, owner and operator of Mari Manor, has come up with a unique getaway that combines the best of both worlds – relaxation and restoration. Situated in a beautifully restored colonial home, Mari Manor offers stately rooms, gorgeous views, and a chance to nourish your soul. When signing up for a Bed and Cleanse, visitors to Mari Manor get a chance to make a clean break from bad habits and can jump start their new clean living lifestyle. Located on Westhampton Beach, Mari Manor offers bright, airy rooms, clean food, and a multitude of activities. After you wake up, enjoy a glass of purifying juice before partaking in a morning walk on the beach, or swim in the outdoor pool.

Once you've completed a nutritious, specially-prepared breakfast, consider a yoga session to encourage your body to purify and purge unwanted toxins. Throughout the day, you’ll have access to fresh juice and fruit-infused waters to hydrate your body and increase the detoxification process. But it’s not just about your journey to newfound health – Mari Manor is a place to relax and explore. From the nearby beach to quaint local shops, there is a ton to see and do while you embrace a new, healthy philosophy. To get the most of a Mari Bed and Cleanse experience, meet with owner and operator Denise Mari to discuss your nutritional needs. She can help you craft an ideal cleanse diet, as well as to give you ideas and pointers to ensure your ongoing health once you head home. As the owner of Organic Avenue (with 10 locations throughout New York City), Denise knows exactly how to live a clean, vegan lifestyle – or at least cut out your health’s worst offenders.

In the afternoon, grab your favorite book and relax in the luscious gardens, or take a nap in your gorgeously-appointed room. Grab a bike and ride into the village to grab dinner, or pick up a few items and head to the beach for an evening picnic as the sun goes down on another lovely day. At the end of your day, you’ll leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and you’ll feel like a whole new person – which is just what you deserve.
To rejuvenate your soul, head on over to Mari’s website to book a room at Mari Manor.