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Yes, Your Body Needs Carbs!

Carbs have been getting a lot of attention over the past several years. Some diets tout all carbs as "bad," but the truth is that your body needs carbs.

What are Carbs?

Carbs, or carbohydrates are organic compounds that contain a saccharide molecule. There are different types of carbohydrates - namely simple and complex. Simple carbs are found in refined foods, fruits and some vegetables. Complex carbs take longer to digest because they also have more fiber and protein. Think along the lines of whole grains, some vegetables, beans and legumes.

Why You Need Carbs

Your body uses the saccharides in carbs to make glucose, which gives your body energy. Primarily your brain and nervous system make use of carbs, but all functions of your body require energy. The key component in understanding carbs is knowing that complex carbohydrates provide consistent energy delivery – whereas simple carbohydrates will give your body a quick burst of energy. Both types of carbohydrates are good for you, especially if you eat them at the right time and if you choose healthy options. Complex carbs contain lots of other good stuff and are high in fiber. The longer carbohydrate chain, combined with the fiber, slows down your digestion to give you more even, sustained energy throughout the day. In turn, this cuts back on cravings for other foods and helps with weight management. Healthy simple carbs, like fruit and veggies, give your body quick energy because they are broken down quickly. They are perfect as a pre-workout snack to help get you going. Some examples of healthy simple carbs include apples and bananas.

Complex Carbohydrates to Consider

Some complex carbohydrates to begin adding to your meals include: quinoa, bulgur, brown rice, white beans, black beans, kidney beans, and lentils. Many of these foods also contain protein – vital for those wishing to make the leap towards a plant-based diet.

What about Vegetables?

Remember, vegetables are carbohydrates too - there's no reason you can't replace a less healthy carbohydrate (like white rice or potatoes) with a lower-carb alternative, like cauliflower or carrots. Replacing refined foods, such as boxed cereals, with a whole-grain alternative, such as oatmeal and blueberries can also go a long way towards a healthier carbohydrate intake. Focusing more on the types of carbs you are consuming will not only help with weight management, but will provide a stepping-stone towards long-term, full body health.

Bottom Line

Remember that carbohydrates are necessary for your body to function properly. Depending on whether you choose simple or complex carbs, they will give you either a quick or slow release of energy that will sustain you throughout your day. But keep in mind that, as always, it’s best to eat clean, whole foods. That means opting for fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes and whole grains instead of refined and processed foods like crackers, cookies and many breads.

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