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Shirley’s 22 Days Vegan Success Story

This person participated in a 22 Days Vegan Challenge, in this specific case, the program outlined in The 22-Day Revolution book. The 22-Day Revolution consists of 22 days of carefully planned meal plans and recipes along with 30 minutes of exercise each day. While this consumer actually experienced the results below, individual results may vary based on starting weight, diet and exercise implemented during the course of a 22 Days Vegan Challenge.

Shirley’s 22 Days Vegan Success Story

Each week, we hear from so many happy people who have changed their lives with a 22 Days Vegan Challenge. We hear about weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy and a newfound zest for life – and we knew that we had to share these stories with the world! When you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no better place than from those who’ve gone before you. Our first 22 Days Vegan Success Story is from Shirley Lenhard. Shirley reached out to us on Facebook to tell us how much her Challenge positively impacted her life. So we set out to learn more. Here’s our interview with Shirley.

Tell us, which 22 Days Vegan Challenge program did you follow?

I'm a great cook, so I have preferred to learn how to navigate around my kitchen with a totally plant based menu.  With that in mind, I purchased The 22-Day Revolution and read it cover to cover. I then went to the web site and ordered the kit.  While I was waiting for the kit, I returned to the book and looked up and read each and every footnote reference for more details and a better understanding and grasp of the change that I was committing to make.

Why did you choose to try a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

Since 1989, after a series of several serious automobile accidents, I woke up one morning and could not open my left hand, every joint in my body was swollen and after many medical tests I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Since that time, I have been on every tricyclic you can imagine, every antidepressant known to man, and every other disgustingly horrible zombie-inducing drug you can name.  I am not a pill-taker, nor do I want to indulge in any prescriptions on a daily basis.  In fact, the only thing that I do every day is love my husband. I have done everything that I could think of to change how I feel.  Aerobics, anaerobics, Jazzercise, kick-boxing, Zumba, swimming, biking, walking, running, everything physical I could think of, nothing helped the wicked insomnia nor the swelling and constant pain.  I changed my diet to the DASH diet and lost a significant amount of weight and water retention, however, the pain and insomnia continued to plague me. Three months ago, I again awoke to severe pain in my left elbow, followed by my right elbow. For the last three months I was unable to extend my left arm fully.  At wit’s end, I was listening to Marco on The Elvis Duran Show.  I heard someone mention swelling from rheumatoid arthritis and I thought "Hmmm, I can do anything for 22 days, let me order the book", and the rest is history in the making.

How long have you been following the 22 Days Vegan principles?

I went cold turkey, swore off an omnivorous diet and embarked completely on the plant-based diet at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 16, 2015, weighing in at 181.2 pounds. I stand 5'4" tall.  My blood pressure on that morning was 199/99.  Today, May 28, 2015, I am 13 days into the 22-Day Challenge Kit and my weight is 169.9, my blood pressure is 117/82 and I am sleeping 8.5+ hours per night. When I wake up to let the dog out I am able to return to sleep relatively quickly.  Prior to May 16th, my longest logging in of sleep was four hours in any given night over the last three months.

How has following a 22 Days Vegan Challenge impacted your life?

I am unable to express to you the magnitude of the positive changes that have occurred in my life over the last thirteen days.  I am typically a fairly positive person, yet in in the last thirteen days, my attitude has gotten even more positive - my attitude is uplifting and happy. I am sleeping 8.5+ hours per night with little interruption, and when interrupted I am able to return to sleep.  I have written off all prescription drugs in favor of a healthier lifestyle, and it is working miracles in my life.  The pain in my left elbow was completely gone by day three, the swelling has followed by day four, the sleep came by day two. I am happier, more fulfilled, feel alert during the day and wake refreshed from a good night's sleep. I am loving my life all over again.  Pain free is something I have not experienced since 1989.  Do you know what that even begins to mean?  I used to have a dull throbbing pain in every joint in my body, prior to May 16, 2015, I lived with that pain and it was exacerbated by the lack of sleep and the constant swelling every day since 1989. It's ALL GONE! I sound like one of "those people" who go on infomercials and spew about the newest, latest and greatest snake oil on the market, but this is not that.  I am cooking everything. The only things I have from 22-Day Nutrition are the bars and protein powder, but that isn't a requirement for The 22-Day Revolution, this is how I know that this new plant-based eating lifestyle will be sustained and will work. I can use these products and continue to use them because I choose to, not because I MUST use them to continue to feel like a productive human being.  What this plan has done for me is that it has empowered me to take charge of my health, my body, my mind and my spirit in a healthy way and in a way that is sustainable and long-lasting.


Shirley's Before and After

How much weight have you lost?

I lost a little over 11 pounds in just the first 12 days of the Challenge.

What words of encouragement do you have for others who are getting started or are considering getting started with a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

I would tell anyone interested to read the book first, consider whether or not you are willing to commit to preparing three meals a day.  I have always done this for myself so this hasn't been a problem, however, people who ask me what I'm doing always say, "I don't have time for all that," and my response is "But you do have time for the doctor's office, the gas you use to get there and back, and for your co-payments."  Or I get the "It's expensive to eat healthy," and I respond with, "It cost me $250 to get my pantry items and my grocery bill has gone from $175 per week to $66 per week, how is that more expensive?"

Anything else you’d like to share?

Yes, actually, I have a new mantra that I tell myself every day. Everything happens for a reason, People come and go with the seasons. And in my life, I will have results and not reasons. You can't put your health in anyone else's hands. You must do it for yourself. I'm happy to say that I am doing this, I have built a strong support network, I blog about this every day, and you can see my photos and blogs here to see that the progress I speak about is very real to me, very personal, and very much in my ability to succeed.  In reading back to day one, I see a vast change and I am very proud of myself. I’d like to share my “before and after pictures” with you. The “before” picture was taken of me on May 1st, before I started the Challenge and the “after” picture is from May 28th. Thank you so much for asking me about this wonderful new lifestyle change!  I look forward to reporting back at the end of the first 22 days. Take care, enjoy your day and again, thank you!  I am so blessed. Thank you Shirley for sharing your amazing story with us! We are so honored to be a part of your journey!,

Your Success Story

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