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Laura’s 22 Days Success Story

This person participated in a 22 Days Vegan Challenge, in this specific case, the program outlined in The 22 Days Vegan Challenge Kit. The Vegan Challenge Kit consists of 22 days of carefully planned meal plans and recipes along with 30 minutes of exercise each day. While this consumer actually experienced the results below, individual results may vary based on starting weight, diet and exercise implemented during the course of a 22 Days Vegan Challenge. Today’s 22 Days Vegan Success Story comes from Laura Oduntan. Laura leads a very busy life working in the fashion industry. She had trouble dropping those last extra pounds until she tried a 22 Days Vegan Challenge. Read more about how she reached her goals.

22 Days Nutrition: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Laura Oduntan: I live with my husband and dog in the UK and work full time in the fashion industry. I lead a very busy lifestyle but have always considered myself healthy. I exercise regularly and eat home cooked meals so couldn’t understand why I was constantly tired and lacking energy. For that reason I thought I’d give the 22 Days Vegan Challenge a go.

22D: How did you hear about us?

LO: Beyoncé!

22D: Why did you choose to try a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

LO: Having seen the results Beyoncé achieved, I wanted to see if it was really possible for myself. I also wanted to shift a few stubborn pounds before my holiday.

22D: How long have you been following the 22 Days Vegan principles?

LO: I did the strict regime for the full 22 days, starting on 1st June. Since then I have continued the principles but added in meals with chicken or fish 2 days a week as I did miss it!

22D: Tell us a little bit about your average day now that you’re following a plant-based diet.

LO: I now start the day with chia pudding and fruit, followed by one of the lunchtime salads from the plan. For an afternoon snack I have a vegan bar. And for dinner I have one of the meals from the plan, 2 days per week adding in chicken or fish. Dessert is the best part though, OMG those brownies are amazing! I have such a sweet tooth so they really satisfy that! I also exercise 3 times a week - running and yoga.

22D: How has following a 22 Days Vegan Challenge impacted your life?

LO: I’m not going to lie; it has been a lot of effort. The preparation involved has taken more time than my usual routine. I seem to be spending the whole evening preparing food (I would usually buy lunch at work but have been preparing it the night before at home). That being said, it has been worth it and the results have given me the motivation to continue. I’ve also saved money!

22D: How much weight did you lose? What other health improvements have you seen?

LO: I lost 7lbs in the 22 days. This is amazing for me as no matter how much I have tried over the past year, I’ve not been able to lose a single pound. I also have more energy and my skin has improved.

22D: What words of encouragement do you have for others who are getting started or are considering a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

LO: Stick it out. It’s worth it. It may seem like a lot of planning and effort but if you commit yourself to it, you will see results. I really didn’t think it would make a difference to me as I lead a healthy lifestyle anyway, but it did. It made me see which parts of my routine needed to be altered to help me get to where I want to be. Thank you Laura for sharing your inspiring story with us!     Do you have a 22 Days Vegan Success Story you’d like to share? Send us an email to get started!