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Not Ready To Give Up Meat? Try Meatless Mondays!

While some people find making a healthy change easier if they go “cold turkey,” for many it’s just too abrupt. If you’re hoping to make a change for the better by eating a plant-based diet, start with Meatless Mondays and see how it goes – once you see how easy it is, you might want to extend it to the rest of the week.


Meatless days have been around a long time – with the first one dating back to World War I to help encourage families in American to reduce their consumption of meat, which was in short supply. The initiative came back during World War II when meat was rationed. In 2003, Meatless Monday was proposed by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for a Livable Future as tactic to help Americans make healthier food choices, starting at the beginning of the week. Today, more than 38 countries have embraced the initiative, while many restaurants have committed to Meatless Mondays by offering innovative, plant-based meals.

Health Benefits

Why embrace Meatless Mondays? There are many studies that point to better health as a result of reduced meat consumption. Cutting down on meat can reduce certain cancers, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, fight diabetes, and curb obesity. All of these factors combine to help you live a longer, healthier and happier life. Of course, the health effects depend entirely on the types of food you consume to replace meat. Vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruit are all good choices – high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Save Money

Per pound, meat costs more than vegetables and legumes, so by choosing to cut your meat consumption you can save money. Over the long term, you’ll also save your family on costs associated with healthcare by avoiding many preventable diseases.

Getting Started

The best way to succeed with Meatless Mondays is to find recipes that you enjoy. Here are some great websites with plant-based recipes: Meatless Monday Choosing Raw Ordinary Vegan Vegan Richa Finding Vegan Eventually, you’ll have a whole host of recipes to enjoy, share, and pass to your friends. When you find a great recipe, double it for a healthy lunch the next day.Try Meatless Mondays out for a month, see how you feel – odds are that you’ll notice that you feel better and have more energy, and may even consider extending your plant-based diet for a few more days a week! Be sure to pick up a copy of our Founder Marco Borges’ latest book, The 22-Day Revolution. With over 65 healthy plant-based recipes and 22 days of meal plans, you’ll find more than enough recipes for a year of Meatless Mondays. You might even decide to challenge yourself to 22 days of a vegan diet!