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Laura’s 22 Days Vegan Success Story

This person participated in a 22 Days Vegan Challenge. A 22 Days Vegan Challenge consists of 22 days of carefully planned meal plans and recipes along with 30 minutes of exercise each day. While this consumer actually experienced the results below, individual results may vary based on starting weight, diet and exercise implemented during the course of a 22 Days Vegan Challenge.  Laura Kamada, a full time college student studying marketing, has been a 22 Days Nutrition fan ever since she did a 22 Days Vegan Challenge in 2014. It’s changed her life in more ways than one and she shares her Success Story with us here!

22 Days Nutrition: Why did you choose to try a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

Laura K.: I actually heard the 22 Days Vegan Challenge when Beyoncé and Jay-Z did the challenge in December 2013. I saw Beyoncé’s body at the Grammys and I was in awe. I decided to try my own Challenge before my 22nd birthday. I was turning 22 and the Challenge was for 22 days; it was a sign! I figured why not give it a try.

22DN: How long have you been following the 22 Days Vegan principles?

LK: I finished the 22 Days Vegan Challenge in 2014 but I loved the results so I just kept following the 22 Days Vegan principles. It has been over a year! :)

22DN: Tell us a little bit about your average day now that you’re following a plant-based diet.

LK: Breakfast: 22 Days Nutrition PB + Chocolate Chip Nirvana Lunch: Grilled veggie sandwich with gluten free bread Snack: Hummus Dinner/ snack: apples with almond butter I’m usually full at dinnertime, so I eat a snack size or something light. I work out 5-7 times a week; I stick with cardio but I also do Pilates once a week.

22DN: How has following a 22 Days Vegan Challenge impacted your life?

LK: The 22 Days Vegan Challenge was just a “challenge” in the beginning but now it is my lifestyle!

22DN: What changes have you seen since you switched to a plant-based diet?

LK: I’ve lost a total of 25 pounds, went down 2 pants sizes and my skin cleared up. I also have more energy and my nails & hair grow quicker.

22DN: What words of encouragement do you have for others who are getting started or are considering a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

This challenge sounds difficult but if you start with a positive attitude and an open mind, the 22 Days Vegan Challenge is a breeze. People told me that 22 days is a long period of time, but honestly it goes by really quickly. My suggestion for people who are trying the Challenge is to get creative with your food! Thank you for sharing your story with us! If you’d like to share your Success Story with us, we’d love to hear from you! Just send an email to to let us know you’d like to share your story.