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Ursula’s 22 Days Success Story

This person participated in a 22 Days Vegan Challenge, in this specific case, the program outlined in The 22-Day Revolution book. The 22-Day Revolution consists of 22 days of carefully planned meal plans and recipes along with 30 minutes of exercise each day. While this consumer actually experienced the results below, individual results may vary based on starting weight, diet and exercise implemented during the course of a 22 Days Vegan Challenge.  Ursula Raquel leads a busy life with work, school as well as fitting in her passions of running, hiking and travel. With The 22-Day Revolution, she regained the energy she needed to keep up with everything – and along the way lost 12 pounds and greatly improved her digestion. Here, she shares her Success Story with us.

22 Days Nutrition: Tell us a little bit about how you got started with your 22 Days Vegan Challenge.

Ursula Raquel: I’m a full time Project Coordinator for a General Contractor, I am also a part time student (Construction Management), I’m really busy, and on my down time my biggest passion is traveling - I’ve been to almost 30 Countries. I also love hiking, running and the ocean. I used to be vegetarian years ago. I had started considering it again because now that I am 30, my metabolism has slowed down. Working in an office I feel like I’ve gained some weight, as my last job I was always moving. I started trying to eat less meat, and run more, but after a weekend binge of eating a lot in San Francisco I felt bloated and felt like seeing The 22-Day Revolution pop up on my social media feed was the push I needed for a restart.

22DN: Now that you’re following a plant-based diet, what do you eat every day?

UR: For breakfast, I have either organic flax seed/instant oatmeal packs with a banana and blueberries or a juice or smoothie. Even though my 22-Day Revolution ended, I still have the kale and black beans power bowl and a kale and sweet potato salad (my favorite salad from The 22-Day Revolution meals!) For dinner, I usually have another salad or soup. I also make the Raw Walnut Tacos (another recipe from The 22-Day Revolution).

22DN: How has following a 22 Days Vegan Challenge impacted your life?

UR: In a great way! Some days I felt hungry, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. I’ve tried juice diets, counting calorie diets, and whole thirty/paleo style diets. I would freak myself out when thinking that I couldn’t eat any carbs, or breads. I loved the 22 days vegan challenge because there were a lot of grains, and yummy breads. When I had to go out to eat, I discovered that brown rice goes pretty well with a lot of things I hadn’t imagined. I feel healthier in general, less bloated. I used to get a lot of stomachaches and I’ve tried probiotics, and eating foods with no spice, trying no gluten, and some things work but eventually the stomachaches come back. I haven’t had any while eating plant-based.

22DN: What health improvements have you seen?

UR: I have lost 12 pounds, but ate more than the 2 allotted desserts, so I know I can lose more in the long run. I’ve gotten compliments on my skin as well.

22DN: What words of encouragement do you have for others who are getting started or are considering a 22 Days Vegan Challenge?

UR: Keep going! I did have two different days that I felt overwhelmed and hungry, I let myself have a snack (like the book suggests) and that carried me through. It got easier and once I kept seeing weight loss. Just keep going until it gets easier - if you are very hungry have a healthy snack. Thank you for sharing your Success Story with us Ursula! We want to hear from you! If you have a 22 Days Success Story that you’d like to share, please email us at to get started.