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10 Easy Tips to Incorporate Plant-Based Eating in 2016

2016 is here, and with it comes the commitment to improve ourselves – which also makes it a great time to start introducing more plants into your diet. While, on the surface, this might seem like an easy jump to make, many people find cutting out meat and dairy a challenge, which is why we’ve put together this list of ten tips to help you succeed.

#1: Make it Easy

Keep fruits and vegetables handy by having a selection of fresh produce on hand, as well as some frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies. The easier you make your access to plant-based foods, the less likely you’ll want to reach for something else.

#2: Start your Day Right

Begin your day on the right food with a healthy, plant-based meal to set your day up for success. A green smoothie (banana, avocado, dairy-free milk, kale, spinach and a scoop of Plant-Protein Powder) can do the trick.

#3: Have Snacks

When you’re out and about and get “snacky,” it can be tempting to grab the first thing on hand, so make sure you have some dried fruits and nuts on hand, as well as a few plant-based protein bars to help curb hunger. A fan favorite is our PB + Chocolate Chip Nirvana, which has a whopping 20g of organic, plant-based protein, sure to keep you full. Find your favorite plant-based bar for snacks on the go.

#4: Research Before Eating Out

Restaurants are an easy tripping up place, so before you go out do a bit of research on the menu to find options that will work for you. Call ahead if you have to, to find out if substitutions can be made. Or better yet, look for a plant-based restaurant so everyone in your party can try something new (and healthy!)

#5: Bring a Side Dish

If you’re heading to a friend’s house for dinner, don’t feel the need to “be polite” and eat everything on the table. In fact, play it safe and bring a hearty side dish, just in case. A go-to plant-based dish that is a crowd-pleaser: look for a one-pot meal with quinoa, veggies and beans.

#6: Find a Friend

It’s much easier to commit to something new if you have a friend to stick through the rough patches with you, and share your successes. Get a friend or two to join you, or find an online group you can keep in touch with, for instance, you can connect with others on our Facebook page.

#7: Discover New Foods

There are so many amazing plant-based recipes out there, so don’t limit yourself to what you know. Exploring new tastes will help to curb cravings for less healthy alternatives. Pick up a copy of Marco Borges’ The 22-Day Revolution and you’ll find over 65 easy and delicious, plant-based recipes to try this year.

#8: Convert Your Favorite Meal

If going plant-based means giving up your absolute favorite meal in the world, find a way to make a plant-based version. For example, pizza lovers can explore a multitude of gluten-free, vegan recipes online to find one that hits the spot.

#9: Find Great Resources

Cookbooks, blogs, and cooking shows can help you explore new tastes and find easy, delicious recipes to replace meat-heavy meals that might have become staples in your diet. Keep a selection of quick and easy meals on hand (or make a double batch for freezing) so you won’t be tempted to reach for something less healthy.

#10: Don’t Give Up!

Like kicking a bad habit, developing good habits is a challenge and may take more than one attempt. Whether you ease into it or go “cold turkey,” keep trying until plant-based eating is your new normal – it won’t be as difficult as you think. The 22-Day Revolution is a great primer for transitioning to a healthy, plant-based diet in just 22 days. Marco guides you through each day with daily meal plans and simple and delicious recipes. You’ll find that by day 22, you’ve created a healthy new habit! Consider plant-based eating an investment in yourself; you’re making sure that your body is healthy and happy for the long term. We wish you the very best of health in 2016!