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5 Steps to Building a Nutritious Vegan Bowl

Are you having a hard time putting together healthy lunches? Stuck for a simple, nutritious dinner? Then Vegan Bowls might be just what you’ve been missing. Easy to make, delicious to eat, all you have to do it put it together. Here’s how:

Step One: Choose Veggies

It can be fresh, steamed, grilled or roasted, but you’ll want lots of veggies for your vegan bowls. Try to aim for a range of colors in each bowl – and don’t forget your leafy greens! Even if it’s just leftovers from the night before or frozen vegetables, any veggies will do.

Tip: Chopping veggies is one of the most labor-intensive parts of making veggie bowls – so make lots and enjoy a few bowls, rather than having to make them every single day.

Step Two: Choose Carbs

Try to steer yourself towards complex carbs and away from simple carbs (i.e. not white rice, plain pasta, white potatoes, etc.). Some good options include quinoa, wild rice or sweet potatoes/yams. This is also a great time to try some other grains like millet or sorghum. Keep your serving of grains to about ½ cup.

Step Three: Add Protein

Your veggies and complex carbs already contain some protein but you can boost the protein content with the addition of beans, legumes and/or nuts and seeds. Delicious options include lentils, chickpeas, sliced almonds, hemp seeds and pumpkin seeds. Stick to about ½ cup serving for beans or legumes and ¼ cup for nuts/seeds.

Step Four: Healthy Fats

Fats are an important part of any diet and can help to fill out your vegan bowl. Some ideas include: olive oil, tahini and avocado. If you have already added fats (hemp hearts, nuts or seeds) then be aware of how much additional fat you add to round out your bowl.

Step Five: Flavor!

Add some flavor to your bowl with herbs, spices or dressings. Think of lemon, chopped cilantro, a sprinkle of curry or a dressing. For a delicious topping on your next bowl, add a drizzle of Tahini Dressing, one of Marco’s favorite recipes from The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook.

Tahini Dressing

Makes ½ cup


4 tablespoons tahini

4 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon distilled vinegar

sea salt, to taste


In a bowl, stir together all ingredients until creamy and smooth.

Tip: The dressing can be made in advance and stored in an airtight glass container in the refrigerator up to 1 week.

Put it all Together

Once you’ve made a batch of your carbs, protein and chopped your veggies, it’s time to put your bowl together! Try bowls with a variety of ingredients so that you can get a complete nutritional profile and exciting flavors. Whether for lunch, dinner, even breakfast, a vegan bowl is a fantastic way to enhance your health and feed your body. Enjoy!