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Kickboxing Gym Owner Powers Up With Plant Protein

As a fitness coach, kickboxing gym owner and an elite competitor, Charlie Torres is one busy fitness professional. We had a chance to chat with him about the benefits of kickboxing and how he uses plant protein to fuel his day.

22 Days: Tell us a little about your background in fitness.

Charlie: I began martial arts at age six in Hoboken, NJ, learning Taekwondo under Olympian Master Kevin Padilla. Under his instruction I earned my black belt and competed on an elite level, earning both national and international medals. After fighting, I continued a running and lifting routine, but something was missing. 

After my first class at CKO Kickboxing, I knew I wanted to be involved. Currently, I am an owner of my own CKO gym (Bayonne, NJ) and have begun competing again on an elite level, participating in OCR (obstacle course racing) competitions -- I recently qualified for the OCR World Championships, which I will compete in this fall. 


22DN: Tell us more about your kickboxing classes.

CT: In my gym we hold group kickboxing classes. They are one-hour, high-intensity kickboxing classes mixed with body weight movements designed to help you lose weight, build strength and add muscle toning. When I am not instructing group classes, I have one-on-one training sessions with private clients.

When working in either of these environments, I try to instill a fighter's mentality in all of my clients -- a motivational tool I've developed from the tenants of martial arts. I help them reach their goals by encouraging them to transform through hard work and discipline. 


22DN: When did you start using 22 Days Nutrition? What benefits did you see? 

CT: I began using 22 Days Nutrition at a CKO Kickboxing gym. Leaving a class I was famished and wanted something quick to eat. By chance the location I attended sold 22 Days Nutrition protein bars. I bought a 20g plant-protein bar and found myself having one after almost every class. I was impressed with the organic ingredients and how great it tasted. I went on to purchase 22 Days Nutrition Plant Protein Powder and began using it in my daily routine. I found that after using plant-based protein, I recovered just as quickly as I would have using a whey-based protein. 


22DN:  As a fitness professional that does not eat 100% plant-based, why do you prefer a plant-based protein to supplement your diet?

CT: I always like to add variety into my diet, from food to supplements. The main reason why I've enjoyed adding plant-based protein into my diet is because I know where it’s coming from. When you read the label, you aren't questioning what the 14 letter words are. When you read a 22 Days Nutrition ingredient list, the ingredients are crystal clear and I have faith that this product will serve my body well. 


22DN:  You recommend 22 Days Plant Protein Powder to your clients - thank you! Why do you recommend it to them?

CT: I recommend 22 Day to my clients because it is a product I trust and has worked well for me. It is great for my clients who are vegetarian or vegan who are searching for ways to increase their protein intake. But also for those who want a product that is going to deliver on the promise of all natural & organic. 22 Days plant protein helps them recover after tough sessions with me. 


22DN: What are your favorite smoothie blends?

CT: One of my go-to recipes is:

1 cup non-dairy milk

1 scoop Vanilla Plant Protein Powder

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 tablespoon peanut butter


Another favorite is:

1 cup non-dairy milk

1 scoop Strawberry Plant Protein Powder

½ cup frozen strawberries

1 frozen banana

Thanks Charlie! We loved learning more about CKO Kickboxing and how you incorporate plant protein into your busy days.