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10 Asian Favorites: The Plant-Based Way

Who doesn’t love a good curry, Pad Thai or sushi roll? But why settle for takeout when you can make your own delicious and nutritious versions at home? We’re here to help you explore the complex flavors of the East with a host of plant-based Asian dishes from different countries across the continent.

Thai Dishes

Thai meals are a great crowd pleaser, and perfect for just about any type of occasion. You can easily play with flavors like ginger and lemon grass, as well as adjusting the “spicy” level to suit your crowd. Here are a few great places to start:

Avocado Basil Pad Thai – This one’s a bit different but delicious! Avocado is one ingredient that often gets overlooked but nicely complements herbs like basil or cilantro.

Thai Basil Fried Rice – As a side or a main this is a great dish, and you can change it up by adding different veggies. Finding a good Thai basil can help take this recipe to the next level.

Raw Pad Thai – Up your game with some kelp noodles. As a bonus, no cooking!

Red Curry Green Beans – A perfect side to compliment noodles or rice. Get inventive and throw in some other veggies, such as julienned carrots or turnip.

Vietnamese Dishes

If you love Thai, it’s a natural jump to go Vietnamese next. Subtle spices and great flavors combine with ingredients like lemongrass, tropical fruit, rice paper and chilis. Here are some great dishes to try out:

Fresh Spring Rolls – Skip the deep fried rolls and opt for these healthier fresh spring rolls. They can be made in small or large batches. Feel free to be creative with ingredients and dipping sauces!

Vietnamese Salad – This delightfully fresh, mushroom-heavy salad makes a delicious and healthy meal. If tamarind is not your thing, substitute coconut aminos instead.

Vegan Pho – It’s hard to find a Pho recipe that doesn’t use soy sauce or tofu, and this one is no exception. However, the use of shitake mushroom can easily make the tofu superfluous, and as mentioned above you can always substitute soy/tamarind sauce with coconut aminos.

Japanese Dishes

Home of sushi and ramen, Japanese cuisine offers a variety of flavors and textures to please every pallet. Again, you’ll want a good soy replacement if soy is not your thing. Here are a few dishes to start with:

Summer Kimchi Sushi Bowl – Using fresh veggies and store-bought or homemade kimchi, this recipe is a great blend of tart and tasty.

Onigirazu (Sushi Sandwiches) – If you’re looking for a hearty recipe that travels well to work or on the road, this recipe is the perfect place to start, and lets you play around with a variety of ingredients.

Vegan Ramen – A vegan, soy-free ramen recipe is really hard to find, but this one uses brown barley miso and can also use coconut aminos. Nutritional yeast adds bulk and flavor, while you can add all the veggies you want to complete the soup.

Cashew Chickpea Sushi Roll – Featured in the photo above, this is an easy to make vegan sushi roll. It uses chickpeas and vegan mayo to make a “tuna” to add to the roll. Find the complete recipe on page 193 of The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook.

Now you have a bunch of new recipes to try out, which plant-based Asian recipe catches your eye? We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!