Why 30 Minutes Is All You Need to Get a Phenomenal Workout

Vertical climbing may just be the most effective workout there is.


Fitness is all about adapting to change. To get stronger, faster, and leaner, the body needs to be challenged with new obstacles, be that in the form of higher reps, heavier weights, or different movements. Routine is fine for maintenance, but at 22 Days Nutrition, we strive for peak performance. That is why we are thrilled to partner with CLMBR—a full-body cardio unit that will shake up any fitness regimen and garner impressive results. The concept is simple—all you have to do is climb. 

What is CLMBR

One of our favorite things about CLMBR is that it’s not complex or bulky like some other machines out there. It’s a vertical climbing unit that’s compact and really easy to use. The entire unit is only 35 by 32 square inches and 88 inches high, so it can fit in the smallest of studio apartments. Given all the workout equipment we invested in over 2020, we’re personally running out of storage space and this space-saving unit was a huge plus. 

The idea is simple: just climb in place. Put your feet on the pedals, grab the handles, and start climbing. The movement requires you to pull with your back muscles, push down with your glutes, engage and raise your quads, tighten your core muscles, squeeze your biceps, flex your calves, and essentially work every major muscle group without thinking about it. If you’ve ever done cherry pickers (high knees while punching your arms up over head) it’s a bit similar to that. You can adjust the resistance and go from a full out climbing sprint to a steady push and pull that really challenges your muscles. 

Perfect for Every Body

We get it, not everyone is a runner, and not everyone loves to lift weights. Climbing, however, anyone can do regardless of body type or fitness goals. CLMBR is extremely low-impact. There’s no pounding, twisting, or heavy weights involved which makes this style of exercise joint-friendly and comfortable. The natural motion of climbing encourages ergonomic spinal alignment without having to be intentional about it, making proper form a no-brainer. From someone who still isn’t sure they’ve set their exercise bike in the right position, this is a huge perk. 

Whether your goal is to get stronger or to maximize your cardio fitness, climbing can help you obtain those goals. Just adding a touch of resistance will challenge your muscles in a way they’ve likely never been challenged before, and as we mentioned prior, this machine makes you work everything. Cardio-wise, it’s more effective than running. Try it out for just a minute and you’ll see what we mean. Every part of your body is moving and engaged, and even seasoned runners will feel the burn. 

At 22 Days Nutrition, we love being active. We enjoy our running routines and feel accomplished after a great lifting session. But climbing has been integral to our cross-training. On our off days, we climb, and we feel like we’re better athletes because of it. 

30 Minutes. Done.

Beyond cross-training, we’ve also turned to our CLMBR on days when we just don’t feel like lacing up or trekking off to the gym. Because the movement is so effective, all it takes is 30 minutes to get in a high-quality workout. When you can’t wrap your head around an hour-long run or even a 45-minute stationary bike session, a half an hour is a much appreciated alternative. On average, climbing burns 22.3 calories per minute—that’s far more than a stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill, rower, or stair-stepper. It also results in a higher VO2 max output. Over time, this helps to condition your cardio fitness, allowing you to perform at higher intensities without gasping for air mid-way through. 

Replenish Your Workout

After a solid 30 minutes on the CLMBR, you’ll need to help your body recover with some high-quality fuel. Consuming a light snack with protein, carbs, and fat will help you get the most of your workout and leave you feeling restored and ready to tackle another session the next day. Staying on the efficiency train of thought, our 22 Days Nutrition protein powders are the fastest way to get these much-needed nutrients into your system. Either shake up one of the tasty flavors with water or non-dairy milk for an instant boost or add a scoop to your favorite green smoothie recipe for a bit more carbohydrates. 22 Days Nutrition organic and plant-based protein powders contain 20 grams of protein per serving along with 3 grams of unsaturated fat and 2 grams of carbohydrates. Like climbing, our protein powders deliver optimal results in the fastest way possible. 

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