13 Healthy Plant-Based Halloween Recipe Ideas

As the sugar season comes around once again, you might be looking for ways to have a healthier, happier Halloween. So how about finding a few low-sugar, plant-based Halloween recipes to try out this year? Here are a few of our favorites:

Easy Peasy Treats

1. Ghostly Bananas

Bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven! Simply adorn cut bananas with dairy-free chocolate chips to make a spooky face.

2. Orange Pumpkins

It doesn’t get any easier than this and it’s perfect for little ones. Peel tangerines or clementine oranges and add a piece of celery to make the pumpkin stem.

3. Skeleton Platter

This adorable and spooky take on a veggie platter will have them clamoring to fill up on the healthy stuff first! Serve with hummus – bonus points for serving the hummus in a small scooped out pumpkin.

Delicious Desserts

4. Bloody Cups

Think Reese peanut butter cups, but with red raspberries inside! Gooey and tasty – they’ll make a fantastic addition to your Halloween-themed party.

5. Mummy Cookies

These raw cookies are gluten free and a great kid’s treat!

6. Macaroon Ghost Pops

Mmmm…coconut! These gluten-free little bites are a perfect party treat and dipped in chocolate or your favorite sauce.

7. Skull Crushers Candy

You’ll never believe that these little skulls are raw, vegan, gluten-free and soy-free! They do take a little bit of work to put together, but we’re guessing that they will be a hit with the kids and adults.

8. Raw Witch Fingers

Scary and gluten free, these are a perfect party item – for kids or adults. You can also try this version that uses celery and nut butters.

9. Frankenstein Krispies

If you’re looking for a healthier snack for a kid’s party, look no further. Besides being plant-based and healthy (for a Halloween treat), these treats also look fantastic!

10. Pumpkin Seed Bites

These lightly sweet seed clusters are a great alternative to candy, so you can enjoy a treat without feeling guilty the day after. Experiment with a few different combinations – you can also add dried fruit for something different.

Savory Treats

11. Black Bean Pumpkin Soup

It’s not just about the sweet treats, it’s nice to have a few Halloween-themed meals as well. This hearty soup is filling, fun, and is perfect for dinner parties.

12. Rice-y Pumpkin Bites

As a savory treat, these pumpkins are a great alternative to all those sugary options. Feel free to add additional spices or herbs to give it a taste all of your own.

13. Pumpkin Chili

If Halloween brings chilly weather, there’s no better way to warm up than with a cup of Pumpkin Chili. This hearty protein-packed dish will keep you full so there’s less temptation to munch on sugar-laden snacks.

The 22-Day Revolution Cookbook

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