Ready, Set, Shop! Great Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Today marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  This year, why not share the gift of good health? Here are some great gift ideas for the athletes in your life!

GPS & Heart Rate Monitors

Serious runners, cyclists, and other athletes like to have a bit of technological help to track their progress and results. Heart rate monitors can help athletes stay within their ideal heart rate, so they can get maximum efficiency out of their bodies. For even more effectiveness, a GPS monitor can keep track of how far an athlete goes, the elevation changes of their route, and how fast it takes them. Today’s GPS units are basically large wristwatches, and come with fancy software so the athlete knows exactly how they are doing. GPS watches are very reasonably priced, and some come with a heart monitor for extra value.

Cold Weather Accessories

In the winter, many athletes cut back on their outdoor activities because they don’t have the right equipment to stay warm. Gloves, underlayers, socks, and skull caps (beanies or toques) are great stocking-stuffer gift ideas for athletes. Make sure you buy good quality accessories; otherwise they may not get used. Hint – if you know where they buy most of their clothes and gear currently, then you have a head start on where to go.


Everyone likes getting new hi-tech workout clothes, so this can be an excellent idea for the fitness buff in your family. Get to know their favorite brands, and keep an eye on their current athletic wear to see if they are in need of anything in particular, such as a new shirt or shorts. If all else fails, you can get them a gift card to their preferred clothing store. For people who love to work out, this is one of the best gifts to give.

Race Entries

When spring rolls around, amateur and professional athletes will be chomping at the bit to get out and race. So why not help them out with a race entry or two? If you know which races they are into you can pre-register them, or make up a gift certificate. This type of gift works great for less than athletic kids and parents too, just as long as you go with them! There are tons of fun (and short) race/walks that you can all do together, and start the New Year off right with a dedication to good health. With a little thought, you can find the perfect gift for your friends and family who mark fitness high on the priority list.  Good luck with your shopping this holiday season!