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Resistance Bands Offer Flexibility to Your Workouts

While there are many great forms of exercise you can choose to get into shape, most require a significant investment in either equipment or a lengthy commitment to a gym membership contract. This is why resistance bands are a perfect place to start, or to compliment a workout. These light, small bands are very affordable, are lightweight and easy to store, and can provide a perfect way to target muscle groups without having to head outside on cold winter days.

What are Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands are much like large rubber bands, or tubes. They come in various sizes, as well as various resistances. They can be used to increase strength, condition muscles, and prevent injury. When you start out on a resistance band program you will want to begin with a lower resistance to get your muscles used to the work out, much like you would start weight training with lighter weights.

Why use Resistance Bands?

Besides the fact that resistance bands are a fraction of the cost of other types of exercise equipment, they are also very convenient. You don’t need an exercise room, just a small space to move around in, and you can also take your bands with you easily if you travel. Many seasoned athletes use resistance bands to target specific muscle groups that may be prone to injury, or to increase their competitiveness. For example, a tennis or baseball player may use resistance bands to strengthen upper arm muscles so they are stronger and healthier, while a runner may work on their core muscle group and lower leg muscles.

Where to Buy Resistance Bands

You can find resistance bands at any store that carries fitness products, including major stores like Target or Walmart. There are many online retailers who offer various resistance band packages as well. When you buy resistance bands, ensure that you are getting a good variety of resistances so you can increase resistance levels when you are ready, without having to buy more bands. You may also prefer a set that comes with a DVD or instruction booklet.

How to Use Resistance Bands

How you choose to use resistance bands depends on what muscle groups you wish to target, as some exercises may require that you move only one limb, while others may need you to move your whole body. For example, while standing with the resistance band under your feet you can work your quadriceps by “squatting” or you can bring only your arms up to your chest to work your biceps. Always ensure you use your resistance bands safely and properly, and work your way up from light resistance to heavy resistance – otherwise you may find that you are overtaxing your muscles, which can lead to injury. If you or someone you know is recovering from an illness or injury, resistance bands can offer and easy and convenient way to get stronger, without a big start-up cost or the need to leave home. Consider adding resistance bands to your training program.

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