Love is Good for Your Health

With today being Valentine’s Day, it’s a great time to think about how love contributes to your well-being. Love is not only fun, exciting, comfortable, and enjoyable, it’s also good for you! We’re not just talking about the love of a partner, either. Love can take many forms, between family members, friends, even pets. All types of love are good for you, and here are some of the benefits of regular “love” in your life.

1. Less Downtime

Studies on married people have found that those in stable relationships spend shorter periods of time in the hospital, and visit their doctor less. This may be because married or involved people take better care of themselves, or because we tend to feel better when others are around.

2. Reduced Depression

People who suffer from depression may feel cut off from the world and lonely, making it harder to get out of the spiral of misery. Regular contact with friends, a loved one, or a pet can help to reduce depression, and keep relapses at bay.

3. Less Anxiety & Stress

Ever come home from a hard day at work and talk it out with a friend or loved one? Talking about our issues helps to relieve anxiety and stress, which is why people with love have less stress in their lives. No one around to talk to? Hope online and connect with an old friend, or talk to your dog. We won’t judge.

4. Pain Control

People in happy relationships feel less pain, meaning less need for pain management and an overall better quality of life. People with afflictions like multiple sclerosis or arthritis can find that having a dog or cat to pet regularly can help to slow the progression of their symptoms, and reduce the need for pain management.

5. Healing Faster

Happy and positive relationships can help you heal faster, as quickly as twice as fast as single people, or those without close relationships.

6. Weight Control

Having a dog to love can definitely help to improve your physical fitness, and so can having a partner or friend to head out with. Regular exercise can certainly improve health and well being, and with someone to share your walks and other activity with you’ll be more successful in keeping it up.

7. Longer & Happier Life

Finally, love can help you live longer and happier, likely due to all the other health benefits. In fact, people who have love will also be happier than those with money. As they say, “All you need is love.” There are many more health benefits to having love in your life – including a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and heart attack. If you aren’t getting enough “love” in your life it’s time to make some new ones, or head to a local shelter and pick up a dog or cat to give your love to, and start reaping the rewards.

Happy Valentine's Day!