Hey FDA! Really? No Really???

The FDA has approved the use of lap-band device for the less obese! The device has been approved for people with a BMI of 30% and associated health condition... This translates to a 5'9" patient who weighs 203lbs. The end does not justify the means FDA!!! This to me is a feeble attempt at closing a gash with obvious need for stitches with an adhesive bandage!!! Do they know that without behavior modifications this procedure is useless? Do we really lack the discipline as a nation to get back to greatness? Here's my one shot fix at our sluggish economy and our ongoing health crisis...ready? Get America Fit and Healthy once again!!! This is the greatest country on Earth where anything is possible and I know this is not an exception but rather should be our cause!!!! I believe! Do you? If you're already fit and healthy try to help just one friend in need!!! America needs you! Your friends and family need you!!!