7 Ideas for Adding Goji Berries to Your Diet

Goji Berry, also known as Chinese Wolfberry, Lycium Fruit, and Tibetan Goji Berry, is a little fruit that packs a powerful nutritious punch. Generally these berries are grown in the Himalayan areas of Tibet and Mongolia, as well as southern China. Eaten raw or cooked, Goji berries have long been used in Asian cultures to enhance the immune system, improve eyesight, and even increase sperm counts.

Benefits of Goji Berries

Considered one of the world’s most powerful anti-aging foods, Goji Berry is the #1 food in terms of oxygen radical absorbance capacity, which is used to measure the antioxidant levels in food. Increasing the amount of antioxidant foods in the diet can protect the cells from damage, and help increase energy levels. Powerful Goji Berries contain:

  • Betaine: Helps the liver produce choline, which calms the nerves, improves memory, and protects the liver.
  • Physalin: Can help fight leukemia, and also used to treat hepatitis B.
  • Solavetivone: Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.
  • Beta-Sitoserol: An anti-inflammatory agent that can be used to treat prostate enlargement, high cholesterol, and sexual impotence.
  • Cyperone: Helps keep your heart healthy, is used to treat cervical cancer and maintains normal blood pressure.

Goji berries also contain beta-carotene, vitamins B2, B1, and C, as well as minerals, antioxidants, and essential amino acids. It has been used extensively to help improve vision, help clear the complexion, and can even help lower fevers and treat headaches.

7 Ideas for Adding Goji Berries to Your Diet

There are tons of ways to get the health benefits of Goji Berries, so take your pick:

1. Tea Combine some Goji Berries with your favorite green or chrysanthemum tea, steep for 4 minutes, and enjoy.

2. Soups Add Goji Berries to any soup to enhance your health.

3. Breakfast Put a handful of Goji Berries on your cereal or in your oatmeal. They are also great added to yogurt (regular or vegan).

4. Dried Take dried berries along with your for a quick, healthy, on-the-go snack. 5. Smoothies Throw some frozen Goji Berries in with a banana and milk (rice or soy) for a great start to your day.

6. Juice A nice glass of Goji juice is a fabulous way to get all the healthy benefits, without having to cook.

7. Nutrition bars Eat a nutritious Goji bar 

And one bonus idea: Pretty much any recipe you have can incorporate Goji Berries – breads, cookies, muffins, salads, trail mix, etc. Regardless of whether you want to improve your health or just be healthier overall, incorporating Goji Berries into your diet can certainly help. Do yourself a favor and boost your immune system with some Goji power!