Sprinkle on the Weight Loss?

It’s made headlines for months now. A diet supplement that you can just sprinkle like fairy dust onto your food and suddenly lose weight. Better known as Sensa, the real question about this magic dust, though, is whether or not it’s a weight loss dud for those who have some serious pounds to shed. Are you about to get ripped off again? Magic Weight Loss Powder – Can It Be True The before and after pictures are incredible: 120 pounds lost, 93, 75, 64, 50 pounds all gone without deprivation or extreme exercise. Sensa claims that its “clinically” proven formula can help you lose up to 30 pounds in six months. Is this the genie in the bottle we’ve all been searching for? What is Sensa Anyway? Founder Dr. Alan Hirsch says his “tastants” give you a feeling of fullness when you use them. Sensa is actually made from milk, soy, carmine, maltodextrin, and tricalcium phosphate, and it comes in both sweet and savory flavors. The goal, according to Hirsch, is to change the smell of the food, thus keeping you from eating too much. Sure, it’s Appealing, But Should You Sprinke Away? The bottom line? There are no actual clinical trials here. There’s no defined diet. There’s no plan to help you create better eating habits. There’s not even a helpful exercise booklet with each order to help you shed those pounds. Sensa is just weight loss oversimplified. Look, we all want a magic bullet for weight loss, but it’s just not happening. Unfortunately, there is no proof that Sensa or other scent-related products are a magical solution to your problem. What has always promised – and delivered – results is proper nutrition and activity. It may not have an instantaneous effect, but if you give it time and effort, these will work their magic on your body and mind.