10 Fitness and Nutrition Apps for Smartphones

Let’s face it, technology has made our lives easier.

We can talk to people halfway across the world without spending dime, and even see them while we talk! We can also start using technology to make us healthier. Using apps is easy, especially with the new touch screen phones out there. If you need some help with your health regime, why not use some handy technology to help? With that in mind, here are 10 great apps to help you with your fitness and nutrition goals:


1.    Office Exercise: This free app gives you some stretches to do while sitting at your desk, so you don’t sit all hunched over your computer all day. Cost: free, pro version $1.49.

2.    RunKeeper Pro: Ever wonder how much you burn walking to the bus, up the stairs, to the Laundromat? This app can help, as well as tracking your running metrics like pace and heart rate, it also gives you a map of your route! Cost: Free.


3.    Pocket Yoga: Hailed as the first app of its kind, this comes in handy when you are starting out with yoga and need some help with the postures. Cost: $3.99 (free trial version available).

4.    GPSpeedOMeter: Whether running, biking, walking, or whatever this handy app uses GPS functionality to track your trips so you can see how fast, and how far you are going. Cost: $4.99.

5.    Livestrong Calorie Tracker: Offers a database of over 525,000 foods and works with your online MyPlate profile to help you record your calorie intake as well as fitness output. Cost: $2.99

6.    Calorie Counter: Offers quick pick guides, a food and activity diary, weight charts and a journal so you can keep your diet and weight loss goals on track. Cost: Free.


7.    GymFu: A variety of apps to target specific exercises (crunch, pushup, squat, pullup) this app keeps you motivated while you try to hit your goal. Also earn points and get on the “Fu” leaderboard for extra motivation! Cost: $0.99 per app.

8.    Isometrics: A handy app with over 50 exercises that you can do just about anywhere. Offers charts, trackers, timers, and reminder alarms. A great app! Cost: $1.99.

9.    Vegan Yum Yum: This mobile app is perfect for vegans out there looking for quick recipe ideas from a great vegan blog. Cost: Free.

10.    Nike + GPS: This popular app is perfect for runners who need more data about where, when, how long, how high, etc. You can even get voice feedback as you run, and download your results to nikeplus.com for more data. Cost: $1.99. So, whether you are looking to start exercising, want to amp up your current routine, or just need a few more tools in your fitness / nutrition tool belt, there are certainly tons of apps out there to help you stay motivated! Have fun with it!