Fitness Myth Busting: Cardio First, Then Weights?

You do cardio first, and then you hit the weights, right?  That is the advice we have been getting from nearly every gym and every trainer for years – but, they’re wrong.

Switching Up Your Workout Routine Why would you do cardio first?  We have been told for years that cardiovascular exercise burns more calories, so you get more bang for your workout buck going with this first.  Another reason given by trainers is that after doing weights, your muscles are typically gassed, and it may be hard to complete cardio.  It makes sense, right? Not anymore, according to many fitness experts. These days, the advice you’re more likely to get is to hit those weights first. Wondering why? It’s simple, really. This kind of activity forces you to move at higher intensity levels for short intervals. Your body uses sugar for fuel to power your movements. After you hit the weights for about thirty minutes, you can move on to your cardio workout for another half-hour. Doing cardio exercise after weights means you will have less sugar to use, and your body will start to pull stored fat for fuel. Workout at 65 to 75 of your maximum heart rate and add short intervals (of 10 to 15 seconds) during which you work at 90 to 95 percent.  These short bursts will put you into fat burning mode. Only thirty minutes? No problem. Many experts are recommending you skip cardio altogether and do a half hour of weight training.  This will help prep your body to burn fat, making every activity you do after more effective, whether it is running on the treadmill or walking up the stairs at work. The best part about strength training is that you can do it right at home.  You don’t need fancy and expensive gym machines – in fact, these are not as effective as simple dumbbells and kettlebells. Invest in a set of weights or a set of adjustable dumbbells and get your body moving.  You’ll see your body change more quickly and you will become stronger, leaner, and meaner.  Maybe not meaner, but definitely leaner. Remember to replenish your body’s fuel after exercise.  Our protein bars are ideal for your post-workout snack because we provide muscle repairing and building protein from healthy sources like nuts, nut butters, and hemp.