Hot Fitness Trend: Caponyasa 360

Move over, Zumba. There is a new fitness craze in town. Caponyasa 360 has captured the attention of people all over the country for its unique blend of yoga moves and capoeira, a Brazilian martial art. Is Caponyasa for you?

Caponyasa: Fitness for Body and Mind

Yoga combined with amazing music. Sound like a good workout? Called Caponyasa, it’s becoming a hot trend for many.

What is it?

Caponyasa combines elements of traditional Vinyasa yoga, which means “breath-synchronized movement,” and capoeira. This Brazilian martial art is itself a blend of styles from martial arts, sports, and music. It has its root in African slave traditions and Brazilian culture and emphasizes dance-like, complex moves. Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it! Caponyasa 360, though, is designed to engage the core and muscles just as thoroughly as it does the mind.

Where does it come from?

Carlos Rodriguez developed Caponyasa 360, which targets the core, abs, love handles, butt, and thighs. The intense moves ensure a heart-pounding, calorie-burning workout. Rodriguez says, “The mental benefit is simple, as there is basically no time to think. For at least an hour, you are out of your mind and just moving to the beat of your heart and breath.”

Do I need much to get started?

Rodriguez says that you need a mat and an “open mind.” The open mind may well be your best ally in this workout.

What’s the payoff?

When we said it was “hot,” we meant it. In classes, the heat is cranked up to 90+ degrees because this is supposed to “detox the body, while the heat penetrates into the muscle and enhances flexibility. The payoff, Rodriguez estimates, is burning 800 calories an hour. You can check out some chit-chat with Rodriguez as well as a peak at some Caponyasa moves here.

Don’t forget the fuel!

You’re going to need a bit more than an open mind; you’re going to need great nutrition. Fuel yourself up with 22Day’s energy bars, like the Nut Butter Buddha Crunch. You’ll get the benefit of cashews, sunflower seed butter, organic cocoa, almonds, hemp protein, and more – plus the zen attitude you need to power through a Caponyasa 360 workout. Check out a class near you!