A Look At Why You Should Choose Organic Food

Organic foods

Why are so many people switching to organic food? While it may appear to be yet another food fad that is being embraced in modern society, the truth is that organic is not just trendy, it’s something that you can do to help improve you and your family’s health, as well as that of the environment. Remember back when you were growing up and you could just eat right out of your garden? Besides the occasional bug there was nothing on your produce so you got all the vitamins and minerals fresh off the vine, so to speak. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for most fresh food bought in a grocery store.

The Food Industry Has Changed

In the food industry, the primary focus has been on producing food quickly and for as little as possible. This economic approach meant that farmers and ranchers were forced to find ways to grow or raise food more quickly, essentially to make everything grow bigger, faster. This means pesticides and fertilizers are regularly employed to ensure fast growth. All of these additives are in your food when you consume them. Although only in trace amounts, over time your body can accumulate these toxins and health problems can arise. If there’s a single reason to go organic, it is to avoid ingesting all of the unnecessary chemicals associated with traditional farming practices.

What About Our Planet?

All this use of fertilizers and pesticides is essentially stripping the soil of nutrients, so more toxins need to be used to encourage producers to grow. Organic food is grown using natural, time-honored traditions of crop rotation and natural plant foods. This allows soil to retain its nutrients so we can have fresh, healthy food for many years to come. Besides keeping the soil healthy, organic farming also protects our water by preventing the runoff of toxins into our lakes, rivers, and streams. Having fresh water for future generations is essential to keeping everyone healthy, us included. Yes, eating organic can cost more. But not as much as you think, particularly if you can find famer’s markets where you can access organic food without paying a markup. When you think about how much we spend on products to improve our health, making a small investment to ensure that our food is safe and good to eat it doesn’t seem like such a high price to pay.