5 Ideas for a Vegan Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, again. For vegans that means putting together some healthy and delicious entrees that will have even the most hardy turkey-lover in the family singing its praise. Here are some ideas for yummy and good-for-you vegan Thanksgiving dishes:

1. Earthy Salads

Turn your average dinner salad into an extraordinary, tasty masterpiece by adding some fall or winter vegetables, like squash or turnip, or even by adding some fresh and dried fruit. Check out this Kale Waldorf salad for inspiration, or make up your own delicious dish by using your favorite veggies, or even a few new ones you’ve been wanting to to experiment with.

2. Quinoa

The great thing about quinoa is that it is so versatile – it can be used as a casserole to replace pasta, in a salad, even in dessert! To create a satisfying main dish all you need is some quinoa, a few vegetables, some nuts and herbs and a dash of lemon juice. For a holiday inspired dish, try this Roasted Brussels Sprouts Quinoa salad.

3. Soul-Warming Soups

Nothing’s more relaxing than sitting down with your loved ones to enjoy a warm, hearty bowl of soup. For something a bit different (but still in the Thanksgiving theme), check out this colorful Pumpkin and Coconut Soup – you’ll fell warmer just by looking at it! For something a bit more filling, consider a corn and potato chowder or vegan chili to ensure your guests don’t go home hungry.

4. Veggies on the Side

Instead of the same old green beans year after year, try some different sautéed greens such as kale, Swiss chard, or spinach. Add a touch of garlic or onions for a bit more flavor. Get inspired by this garlicky Mushroom and Kale recipe. Also, don’t forget to put together some crudités and hummus for your guests to snack on before the meal starts!

5. Healthy Desserts

Desserts don’t have to be bad for you – all you need is the right ingredients! You can put out a dried fruit plate with nuts and seeds, or put together a raw dessert that includes healthy ingredients. This raw Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie dessert is perfect for entertaining, yet won’t have all of your guests at the table looking to undo their belts a notch. From all of us at 22 Days Nutrition, we wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Photo: John-Morgan