10 Healthy Habits to Create in 2013


Are you looking for some inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions? Here are some suggestions for a happier, healthier year:

1. Move – Every Day

Even if it’s only a short, brisk walk or walking up an extra flight of stairs, by making a commitment to move your body every day you are ensuring that your body is healthy by burning calories, reducing stress and toning your muscles.

2. Eat More Veggies

We tend to underestimate the importance of vegetables in our diets, particularly since carbs are yummier! By adding more vegetables to your plate you can ensure that your body has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need to keep your body and mind in top condition, as well as lowering the risk of diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer.

3. Try New Veggies

In the same way we all have a comfortable pair of sweatpants we prefer to wear; we all get accustomed to eating certain veggies, which means we are missing out on all the different varieties of nutrients available in other types of vegetables. Make a resolution to add one new veggie to your grocery list every month – you’ll get a chance to explore new things and access a whole new variety of flavors.

4. New Exercises

Step up your workout by adding in a new routine or two. Love cardio? Try strength training (or vice versa). You’ll break out of your routine and help to create a 360-degree workout for full body health.

5. Be Positive

Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking – it can reduce stress, help you sleep better, even give you a better sex life (really!). If you are having difficulty, try to find the most positive thing about your day and focus on that, even if it’s going to sleep at the end of the day. The more you “think” positive, the sooner your entire outlook on life will change.

6. Relax Every Day

Relaxing your mind will help to let go of your stress, so you can be more productive, sleep better, and feel better overall. Try tai chi, yoga or meditation to relax your mind and add it to your daily routine, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

7. Less TV

We all know that TV isn’t good for us, so why do we continue to make it such a big part of our lives? By reducing the amount of time you spend in front of the TV you open up a world of possibilities – for reading, learning new things, exercising, or spending time with your family. Try it! If you absolutely must see that next episode of Survivor, watch on your laptop in front of your treadmill, or pull out your yoga mat and stretch while you watch.

8. Breathe Deep

Deep breathing exercises can help your body in a myriad of ways, by improving digestion, releasing toxins, reducing stress, and even relieving pain. Add deep breathing exercises to your daily routine to reap the benefits of a healthier body and mind.

9. Join the Meatless Monday Movement

Even if you love meat, by cutting it out just one day per week you can improve your health by reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, as well as helping to achieve a healthy weight and even helping to cut down on CO2 emissions.

10. Eat Organic & Whole Foods

Organic, whole foods (as opposed to processed foods) are just better for you, and the planet. Buying produce and whole foods from your local market supports your local economy and gives you access to the freshest food possible, which means that your body will reap the benefits of higher vitamin, mineral, and nutrient levels. Making a host of New Year’s resolutions is easy in practice, but can be hard to execute. If you can keep it up for 21 days, your body and mind will accept these changes and by the 22nd day it will all be a part of your natural routine, so keep at it and don’t give up! Happy New Year! Photo: platinum