5 Tips to Achieve your New Year’s Health Goals

New Year's Resolution

Making New Year’s resolutions to eat better, lose weight, or get in shape are all well and good, but staying on track to achieve those goals can prove more difficult. In order to stay focused and motivated to keep working towards your goals, consider these tips:

One (or Two) at a Time

Trying to immediately squeeze three, five, or ten different New Year’s resolutions into your already hectic schedule can be too much to bear – which will drastically decrease your chances of success. Instead, focus on one or two resolutions to start and then add more as you become accustomed to having them in your life. For example, you could start eating better and exercising first, while your weight loss goals should follow naturally.

Gradual Entry

Jumping full-steam into a resolution is akin to quitting smoking cold turkey – it can be a bit of a shock to the system. Try starting with small goals and work your way up to the final goal. If you are looking to eat better, start with one healthier meal a day, or cut out meat once or more per week. As your body adjusts it will become easier to incorporate more of your goal into your lifestyle.

Small Goals

“I want to lose 50 lbs./run 6 miles/climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.” These are excellent goals, but the largeness of these goals can easily demotivate, especially if you are having a bad day (or month). Try breaking your goals down into pieces (lose 5 lbs., run 1 mile, climb a hill, etc.) to make them more achievable, and then build on your success.

22 Days of Commitment

It’s no use trying to hang on to goals or lifestyle changes that are making you miserable, but you also have to give them a chance. Commit to your new routine for 22 days to give yourself a chance to adjust and see the results, if it’s just not working you can change your approach – such as switching running for cardio class, or to a different type of dietary plan.

Get Help (or Team Up)

You don’t have to go it alone, likely your friends and family members are making their own resolutions right now. Even if they are not the same as yours, by teaming up you can help each other stay motivated, especially as you begin to share your successes. It can also help to seek out professional advice – particularly when starting a fitness routine or a new diet. Having someone help tweak your routine can make all the difference in seeing results and maintaining motivation. Are you ready to start your New Year’s resolutions? What are your tricks for staying on track? Please share! Photo (top): Hryck