Are you Ready for Crossfit?


Now that January is here you may be considering revisions to your fitness routine. Perhaps you are not seeing the results you want with your current routine. Or maybe you just want to shake things up and get started working towards a happier, healthier you. Just a warning: Crossfit may kick your butt so hard you won’t even recognize the person who comes out the other side. Sounds good, right?

What is Crossfit?

Crossfit was initially designed for use by military institutions, police academies, firefighters and professional athletes as a way to provide a broad set of strength and conditioning fitness activities to ensure full-body health. The routine combines gymnastic movements, cardio and weight-training to ensure that your entire body is targeted for improvement.

Who can do Crossfit?

While you certainly want to check with your doctor first, crossfit can be performed by virtually anyone of any fitness level. While people who are more fit or used to cardio and weight training programs may find it easier to get started, crossfit programs can be adjusted to suit anyone from a novice to those who are looking for an advanced, challenging workout. As your fitness level increases, so can the intensity of your workout to keep pace and ensure you continually see improvement.

Benefits of Crossfit

Besides working your entire body, crossfit improves endurance, cardiovascular health, stamina and coordination. Through regular workouts you will find that your balance, agility, flexibility and strength are enhanced. Additionally, by improving your overall health, you will be able to complete your routine more quickly, so you can fit in more repetitions for a more intense workout.

Getting Started

As with most exercise, it’s best to start with professional assistance to ensure that you are getting the most out of every movement. Additionally, some equipment required for crossfit training may be difficult to come by, or you may not have room. Look for crossfit training facilities in your area. You may be surprised at how many facilities you find - they seem to be popping up everywhere! You can also look for local Boot Camp workouts that are much the same style as crossfit training. Join up with a friend or two to keep yourself motivated, and stick with it for at least a few weeks so you can start to see results. With crossfit workouts you are guaranteed to “feel the burn” – but you’ll also look and feel fantastic when you are done! Photo credit: Bruce A Stockwell