5 Reasons to Flywheel (Indoor Cycling)


Need a whole new type of workout? Trying to get a head start on getting fit for summer cycling season, or are you simply looking for a new type of exercise that will kick your whole body into shape? Maybe it’s time to consider a flywheel class. Flywheel is similar to spinning (high-cadence indoor cycling) but with more of an emphasis on full-body health, comfort, and with less of a drill instructor feel. The bike is also a bit different and provides you with a “power output” so you can see exactly how much effort you are putting in. Additionally, by providing clip in shoes (similar to road bikes) you can get intense on your bike without worrying about slipping. Classes can also include a weighted bar that you use throughout your workout to get your upper body in shape as well. By combining the cardio of riding with the fat-burning of extra resistance (simulating a hill climb) you get an intense, quick workout that burns calories and tones muscles. Besides that, here’s why you should flywheel:

Get Ready for Cycling

Those first few weeks of cycling season can be brutal, as your body accustoms itself to the rigors of riding. A few weeks of flywheel cycling classes will have you back in road-ready condition, so you can go further, faster.

Get Fit, Fast

Most flywheel cycling classes run for 45 or 60 minutes, but provide you with a cardio blast that will have you burning extra calories all day. If you simply don’t have time to get to the gym 4-5 times per week, flywheel is the perfect high-intensity, low-impact workout that will start to give you exceptional results in very little time.

Train for Something

Looking for a new health challenge this year? How about a road race, duathlon, or triathlon? They’re a fun way to give yourself a health goal, and with a twice-weekly flywheel class you’ll be ready in no time. These types of events occur regularly throughout the majority of the year, so find one that’s in a few months and start training!

Get Your Group in Year

Do you have a group of friends who are constantly switching workouts and diet plans? Maybe it’s time to band together and hit a flywheel class. Having some moral support around you can make all the difference when you hit a rough spot, and it’s always good to have fun with your friends!

Beach Ready, On Time!

As the weather warms we start to fret about beach season, with a few flywheel classes you’ll soon forget your cares! Tone, tighten, and lose weight, all with one or two classes per week! At 800 calories per hour you’ll “feel the burn” and be ready to hit the beach on time this year. Check out local classes to get started. Often, you can get your first class for free to give it a try! Photo credit: kconnors