Incorporating Fitness into Your Vacation for the Ultimate Getaway

Does going on vacation mean you have to reset your fitness plan? Not if you can plan a fitness-related vacation! Think about it – you love working out, so why not incorporate fun fitness activities into a vacation? Here are some ideas:

Choosing a Destination

It can help to put some forethought into choosing your destination by looking at each destination and their access to fitness. You can also tailor your destination to suit your fitness needs; such as choosing a location with access to running or bike trails, or a resort with yoga classes.

Choosing a Place to Stay

If you are really into a particular kind of activity, then you want to start your search online with something as simple as “yoga retreat California”. That way, you can find resorts or hotels that cater to your favorite activity. Many places offer kayaking, yoga, surfing, tennis, bike rentals, even golf at no extra charge, or at least a reasonable one. If your location doesn’t offer anything you like, find out if someone nearby does.

Choosing a Tour or Getaway

If you really love biking, yoga, or long hikes in the mountains then look for a tour group that can offer you a multi-day excursion. Suggestions to look for include bike tours, yoga retreats, hiking tours or scuba diving. There’s a tour for pretty much every activity to meet most budgets. Not only will you have a great time, but by committing to your activity for an extended period of time you’ll up your game and come back even more fit than ever. Or, if you’ve always been dying to learn something new (stand up paddleboarding, surfing, diving, etc.), committing to a full week or more of the activity will make you a pro in no time.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Check out National Parks for hiking, biking and other activities. In the United States, you can even buy a National Park Passport that will make it fun for your family to rack up the stamps every time you visit a new National Park.
  • Biking enthusiasts can enjoy amazing vacations to bike along the many Rails-to-Trails pathways in the US. The website can help you map out your daily distances and find lodging to stay in quaint towns along the way.
  • Take a vacation to learn how to surf. And it doesn’t mean you’ll need to book expensive trips to Hawaii or Costa Rica (although if it’s in your budget, go for it!) You can find great surfing closer than you may think. Take a look at Surfer Magazine’s top 10 surfing towns in the USA.

We asked our fans on Facebook what their dream fitness vacation would be. Here are some of their ideas. Use their dreams to start dreaming up your own vacation!

Have a suggestion, idea, or recommendation for staying fit while on vacation? We’d love to hear them!