What does Certified USDA Organic Mean?

There are a lot of companies these days throwing the word “organic” around, some are legitimate, others may simply be trying to edge out others with a competitive advantage. If you want to ensure that you are consistently getting safe, healthy, organic food then you should look for the Certified USDA Organic label on products.

What is Certified USDA Organic?

In basic terms, organic means that the food is grown or made through approved methods that incorporate a balance of resources and elements. No synthetic compounds or genetic engineering is permitted, and the contents have to be 95% or more organic. The UDSA (United States Department of Agriculture) oversees the National Organic Program to regulate crops, livestock, and agricultural programs. The USDA conducts regular audits to ensure that other organizations tasked with issuing organic certification are following procedure, as well as investigating and enforcing their regulations. In addition to ensuring that the ingredients are organic, any processing aids during production also have to be organic. In short, Certified USDA Organic foods are just that: purely organic.

“Made With” Organic Label

What about foods that aren’t wholly organic, but instead are labeled a “made with organic ingredients” label? Foods that have organic ingredients, but are less than 95% organic can be labeled “made with” organic ingredients, as long as at least 70% of the contents are certified organic.

What about GMOs?

Certified organic foods do not contain genetically modified organisms. Under the Certified USDA Organic program no genetically modified ingredients are permitted. Given that the safety of consuming GMO foods has not yet been proven, choosing organic, GMO-free foods may be the best choice for those wishing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Grown Only With Approved Substances

Produce that is grown to USDA Organic standards must have been grown on soil that has not been treated with any prohibited substances three years prior to harvest. Banned substances include most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The basic rule for organic agriculture is to allow natural substances and ban synthetic ones. Above all, emphasis is placed on whether fertilizers and pesticides would adversely affect human health and/or the environment.

Non-Certified Organic

Products that are not certified organic are not permitted to display the term organic on the main display area (*unless they sell $5000 or less) or use the USDA organic seal on the package. For the most part, choosing products with the Certified USDA Organic seal ensures that you are consuming organic, GMO-free products. Want to learn more about the Certified USDA Organic label? See this info sheet or visit the USDA website.

22 Days Nutrition Products are Certified USDA Organic

We are proud to offer vegan bars and protein powders that are Certified USDA Organic. We believe that the food we eat should be safe to eat – that means non-GMO, free of harsh chemicals, nutritious and 100% delicious!