Bow-Tie Resistance Band Workouts

Like regular (single tube) resistance bands, bow-tie resistance bands are a great, low-impact workout. These bands are simply doubled over in a figure-8 pattern to give added resistance, as well as to take up less room when you are working out. You can use bow-tie resistance bands for a variety of exercises: crunches, lunges/pulls, bicep curls, rows, presses, tricep pulls, etc., to work virtually every major muscle group in the body. Using bow-tie resistance bands helps to sculpt muscles, so you end up with long, lean, and strong muscles in your arms, legs, back, and abdomen. Bow-tie resistance bands come in a variety of “levels” of resistance; if you are new to any type of exercise then a lower-resistance band is a good choice to ensure you gradually ease your body into each exercise to avoid pulling or overtaxing your muscles. The best part about these bands is that they are very compact and can easily travel with you – so you no longer have to give up your exercise routine when you are on the road.

Getting Started: 4 Bow-Tie Resistance Bands Exercises

  1. Bicep Curl (biceps): Sitting on a chair with thighs parallel to the floor, plant your feet shoulder-length apart and place one end of the band under your left foot. Place right elbow on knee and grab other end of band with palm facing up. Curl arm up towards shoulder, repeat 12 times and then switch hand/foot.
  2. Standing Row (back): Stand with right leg in front of left, place middle of band under right foot. Grab ends of band with each hand, palms facing each other. Pull upwards with elbows aiming behind back, squeezing shoulder blades together. Repeat 12 times.
  3. Front Raise (shoulders): Stand with feet hip-width apart, place end of resistance band under right foot. Grab other end with right hand, palm facing down. With arm extended and elbow straight, lift arm as high as shoulder, then lower and repeat 12 times. Switch to other hand/foot.
  4. Leg Extension (quads): Secure one end of the band to something stable (that won’t move), place other loop around your right ankle, with your back to the band. Stand hip with apart and shift weight to your left foot, while slowly extending your right leg straight in front of you. Raise as high as possible and return to start. Repeat 12 times and then switch feet.

That’s it! These four exercises are a great start for trying out bow-tie resistance bands and you can slowly build on your routine by adding new exercises or switching to higher-resistance bands for a tougher workout. For even more exercise ideas, watch the 10-minute workout from the Fit Chicks Michelle Lovitt and Angie Akers below.

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