Brown Rice Protein vs. Whey Protein

Protein contains the necessary amino acids to help build lean muscles. That’s why many people add protein bars or protein powders to their daily diets. However, you’ll often find bars and powders that contain whey as a protein source, so why should you choose brown rice protein instead? We’re here to show you that brown rice protein is a superior protein to whey.

Benefits of Brown Rice Protein


Complete Protein

Many plant-based proteins do not offer the 9 essential amino acids that the body needs to build and repair tissue. Even soy protein isn’t quite complete, as it only offers trace levels of methionine and tryptophan. But brown rice protein is a complete protein and is 96% similar to whey protein.

Regulates Blood Sugar

When you consume a lot of carbohydrates you are forcing your body to break them down, resulting in a blood sugar spike, followed by a crash that has you reaching for more. The more carbs you consume, the more fat your body is storing. Combining a whole protein like brown rice protein helps to regulate your blood sugar and cuts down on the associated fat storage.

Burns Fat

Since your body has to process and digest protein it burns calories as it does so. This is called a thermic effect. Including protein with each meal, including brown rice protein, helps to burn fat.

What About Whey?

For many years whey has been touted as “the” source of protein. Derived from the production of cheese, whey isn’t an option for vegans or those who avoid dairy, which is why brown rice protein is an excellent option. Wondering how brown rice protein stacks up to whey? Keep reading:

Same Benefits

Studies have shown that brown rice protein offers the same health benefits as whey in terms of muscle recovery and building muscle. If you are taking whey protein in order to supplement your fitness goals, you might want to consider brown rice protein instead.

Lower Cholesterol & No Allergies

Brown rice protein is much lower in cholesterol than whey protein, which is usually something health-conscious people want to consider. By switching or choosing brown rice protein you can ensure that you are limiting your cholesterol intake. Whey protein contains a lacto globulin, which can trigger allergies in some people with sensitivities to lactose. Although enzymes are added for the lactose intolerant to help them digest whey protein, those with allergies or sensitivities should avoid whey protein entirely.

Better Absorption

Whey protein is absorbed very quickly by the body, which forces your kidneys and liver to ramp up their efforts. This can cause a bit of a shock to the body as well as preventing the optimal absorption of the protein. In contrast, brown rice protein is broken down more slowly and absorbed more naturally by the body.

Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, eating a plant-based diet has numerous health benefits. By following a plant-based diet, you are more likely to have a lower body weight, a lower body fat percentage, lower cholesterol and lower your risks of heart problems or cancer. If you are still using whey to recover after a workout, it’s time to give brown rice protein a try. You’ll see more health benefits, less adverse effects and ensure that your body is getting the building blocks to create healthy, lean muscles.