7 Healthy Practices to Follow this Holiday Season

Even the healthiest person tends to slip over the holidays, hence those New Year’s resolutions. This year you don’t have to give up all of your healthy gains – with just a few healthy tips you can ensure you start out the New Year just as healthy as you are now.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is the first step towards ensuring good health; it helps you regenerate, metabolize, and release stress. Make a good night’s sleep a priority, even if it means missing out on a party or two or leaving early.

2. Healthy snacks before parties

Attending holiday parties are part of the parcel; but that doesn’t mean you need to indulge in all of the goodies. Help yourself resist temptation by having some healthy snacks before you leave the house: try veggies and dip or hummus, trail mix or fresh fruit. A 22 Days smoothie is always a great option to have since you're less likely to overeat later.

3. Continue to exercise

Don’t let your exercise routine fall by the wayside just because you have a few more social events than normal. If you have to skip a workout, try to make it up as soon as possible, or at the very least try to supplement your day with a quick walk around the block or trip up the stairs.

4. Fill up on veggies first

At parties or social events when faced with the hors d’oeuvres tray, look for veggies. By avoiding high-fat foods with little nutritional value you can ensure that the scale doesn’t take a beating come post-Christmastime.

5. Savor your food so you won’t overeat

Rather than trying to eat as much as you can to enjoy everything, take the time to enjoy every morsel. Eating more slowly helps you to fill up on less, as well as letting you enjoy everything you eat.

6. Practice deep breathing

Unless you’re under the age the age of 20 the holidays can be a stressful time, so stop and take some conscious breaths now and again. Sit still, clear your mind, and breathe deep – at least 10 deep breaths. By oxygenating your blood you can relieve stress and increase energy levels, hopefully enough to get you through until bedtime.

7. Have fun!

The holidays should be about family, friends and fun; so don’t get too caught up in the rush. Take some time to head out into the snow with your family, go for a walk and enjoy the lights, or have a snowball fight. After all, it’s about fun, staying healthy, and giving thanks for what you have. What are your tips for staying healthy through the hectic holiday season? Comment below.