Two Simple Steps to Ultimate Health

We’re sure you’ve read hundreds of articles about how to get fit – the best foods to fuel your body, and even extreme advice on how to lose belly fat in non-conventional ways. Perhaps there is a bit of truth mixed in there somewhere, but let’s look into something so simple – so straight forward that it would be silly to ignore! How about good old fashioned healthy exercise and eating natural, unprocessed foods? In many of today’s processed foods, there are thousands of ingredients, none of which are good for you. If you can’t pronounce it – you shouldn’t be eating it! The fact is, you can work out each day pushing your limits and giving it your all, but if you’re fueling your body with tainted gasoline you’re going to run out of steam very quickly. Let’s take a look below at some great ways to get in shape and eat the foods that will make you feel good while doing it.

Step 1: Eat Well

Exercise, it’s one of the easiest ways to start feeling emotionally and physically better almost right away. But being deprived of delicious and healthy foods can spoil your “exercise high” very quickly. This is usually the reason why people give up on consistent exercise so quickly. The idea is to never get too hungry, and keep boredom at bay. One way to do this – keep seasonally fresh fruits and veggies on hand along with delightful snacks such as nuts, fat free popcorn, pumpkin seeds and our favorite… protein bars ;) Having a quick, yet totally nutritious bar of deliciousness will help you curb that angry appetite and even appeal to your sweet tooth!  For instance our Pineapple Chip Wonder bar will be more of a dessert then anything. It’s packed with Almonds, Pineapple pieces, cocoa and many other delicious hunger busting ingredients. Remember it’s all about eating delicious healthy foods – don’t ever get too hungry, it’s a disaster waiting to happen!

Step 2: Fitness - A Whole New Way

As mentioned before, boredom can also be the do’er of bad deeds. Find new ways to keep mixing up that workout – doing the same thing over and over again will not only bore you to tears, but ultimately your body will adjust, and you’ll be doing exercises that don’t really have an effect anymore. A great way to get a mix of Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, and Strength training is to try out different fitness videos. An online fitness platform called FitFusion offers a whole library of fitness videos with over 75 hours of pure entertainment and fat burning! They even offer a 14 day trial for those scared of commitment which can be used on any device – simply download it to your iPhone or if you’re brave sign up here and try out all of the amazing fitness trainers – Jillian Michaels “ Ripped in 30” is a great place to start if you want major results very quickly!

Fuel your body with natural foods and keep your workouts fresh – improving your health naturally is easy, fun and delicious!