15 Summer Loving Vegan Recipes

As the temperature warms up, our love of baking and using the stove tends to wane. To keep things cool, try some of these vegan recipes that not only look amazing, but also taste delicious. Keep in mind that if you do have to cook, some items can be pre-cooked in the morning to save you time – so you can spend more time enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Main Dishes
  1. Stacked Summer Vegetable Salad – Look like a masterpiece and  you can easily substitute the vegetables if you have picky eaters in the family.
  2. Grilled Moroccan Vegetable Skewers – A great BBQ recipe that can be altered with different veggies and spices. Try it with a vegan tzatziki sauce!
  3. Summer Rolls – You can use rice paper or lettuce to wrap up these delicious veggies. These are also great to take on the road for a day at the beach, a hiking trip or a picnic by the lake.
  4. Portobello and Zucchini Tacos – Adding portobello mushroom adds a meatiness to this meal that some veggie dishes may lack.
  5. Strawberry Avocado Couscous Salad – You can add any veggies or fruit you want to this salad, while the lime vinaigrette adds a dash of zest. Easily make this dish gluten-free by swapping the couscous for quinoa.
Side Dishes
  1. Summer Coleslaws – With different veggies and sauces you can get creative and colorful. Try adding some apples and pears for a refreshing twist. Make them ahead of time on the weekend and enjoy any day of the week.
  2. Lavender-Scented Summer Fruit Salad – When the main dish is veggie-based, having a fruit-based side dish can add some balance to your meal. Or serve as a light and refreshing dessert.
  3. Vegetable and Quinoa Salad – A quinoa salad that can be served hot, cold or at room temperature, gives you flexibility when planning dinner or lunch.
  4. Zucchini Ribbon Salad – Light, refreshing, and beautiful to look at, this salad is a perfect accompaniment to a heavier main dish. Just omit the cheese to make the dish vegan.
Desserts & Drinks
  1. Raw Chocolate Cherry Parfaits – This delicious parfait is a show stopper and uses fresh raw cherries.
  2. Watermelon Frosty – The chia seeds (optional) make for an interesting “seeded” watermelon look, while overall this cool treat is great for a hot summer day. Check out the variations to make different versions that suit everyone’s tastes.
  3. Banana Pops – A healthy alternative to ice cream or popsicles, you can let kids make their own with a variety of coatings, from fruits and nuts to shredded coconut and a bit of dark chocolate.
  4. Watermelon Green Tea – Although the recipe calls for using sweetened green tea, you can easily skip adding sweeteners since the watermelon will give the drink a nice, light sweetness.
  5. Avocado Lime Cheesecake – Avocado in a dessert? You bet – it’s delicious, creamy, and so gorgeous looking you’ll have a hard time eating it. Almost.
  6. Frozen Watermelon Popsicles – So easy you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. Truly.

While we’re sure you can’t wait to test out some of these fabulous vegan summer recipes, odds are that you have a few favorites of your own – please feel free to share below!