Unlocking the Power of Sacha Inchi Seeds

The powerful sacha inchi seed, also known as the Inca peanut, is a native of the Amazon Rainforest, and a particularly tasty, healthy snack or addition to plant-based dishes. This seed is derived from the fruit of the Plukenetia volubilis (it’s a mouthful, we know!), and can be roasted to create a delicious snack that can be sprinkled on salads, sides, or consumed right on their own. But why eat sacha inchi seeds?

Omega Fatty Acids

These seeds have remarkably high levels of all the omega fatty acids (that’s 3, 6, and 9). You know how everyone says fish oil is great for omega fatty acids? Well, sacha inchi seeds have more - which makes it a great alternate source for omega fatty acids, especially for those who are following a plant-based diet. These fatty acids are great for increasing brain health and for reducing bad cholesterol for a healthier cardiovascular system.

Good Bones and Eyesight

Sacha inchi seeds are high in vitamins A and E, which are essential for good eye health. Meanwhile, the fatty acids found inside help your body to absorb calcium and can increase bone density. Both of these health factors, along with sacha inchi’s ability to reduce inflammation, make it a great snack for older generations.

Feeling Good

Sacha inchi seeds contain naturally-occurring sources of tryptophan (that’s the same relaxation-inducing compound that’s in turkey and chocolate), which in turn help in the creation of serotonin, that ultimately helps elevate your mood. If you find yourself in the doldrums (such as when the weather turns sour), then a handful of these seeds might help pick you up. Studies have also shown that foods that contain tryptophan can also help you with weight management by preventing overeating.

Diabetes Management

The high amount of omega fatty acids found in sacha inchi seeds are good news for diabetics as it can help control glucose levels, and may even reduce insulin resistance in those with type 2 diabetes. Diabetics may also find that the Omega 3’s in these seeds reduce triglyceride levels, which can be a common side effect of the disease.

Great Skin and Hair

Essential fatty acids are excellent for your internal health, but don’t forget about looking great too. The natural oils improve hydration as well as repair damage to hair and skin so you can stay looking as good as you feel. Sacha inchi seeds can be found online or at natural food stores. The roasted seeds are great for trail mix, in salads, or even by themselves for a snack. Give them a try for something different and enjoy all the associated benefits for full body health.