Halloween Treats and Snacks – The Plant-Based Way

It’s that time of year again – Halloween is here and that means that candy and sweet treats are everywhere. For those who are looking to avoid the massive amounts of sugar, we are here to help! We searched for fun and healthy plant-based treats and tasty bites that won’t leave you feeling guilty – and in fact will leave you feeling quite happy! For your next party (perfect for kids and even adults) here are some of the best recipes we found:


Ghostly Pizzas These are a fun dinner item for picky eaters (or just pizza lovers) – feel free to replace the coconut milk mozzarella for your preferred cheese substitute. Get the recipe from Vegan Richa. Buffalo Hummus If you’ve ever heard of the no meat athlete blog, it’s a great place to find inspirational recipes for healthy, plant-based eating. His recipe for Buffalo Hummus is a perfect party snack for those looking to cut back on the holiday treat eating – and looks great too! Frankenpeppers What a cool idea! Spaghetti inside of bell peppers, using your preferred non-dairy cheese to create funny faces. For an extra protein boost, try black bean pasta rather that your standard durum semolina.


Sriracha Popcorn Although an acquired taste, there are plenty of folks who love the zest of sriracha – making this a perfect healthy snack. And the orange color makes it a great Halloween treat. Get the recipe from Taste, Love & Nourish. Banana Monster Pops Here’s a cool treat for popsicle lovers, replacing frozen, sugary treats with healthy bananas. Cara from Fork and Beans uses vegan white chocolate to make a perfect “ghostly” shell and you can try out her vegan recipe for googly eyes for extra impact. Severed Fingers Ew! They may look a bit creepy, but they’re delicious and a great treat for older kids who love to scare themselves. Check out Maple Spice’s recipe and her other Creepy Halloween Treats. Gooey Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate Pudding Cake If you read this and started to drool, we don’t blame you – this recipe from Oh She Glows sounds absolutely to die for and uses the best of autumn flavors like pumpkin and nutmeg. Dairy Free Hot Cocoa There’s nothing like a nice, hot cup of chocolate when you’ve been out on a fall afternoon, or after a few hours of trick or treating! Perhaps with a little coconut whipped cream on top? If you have any tried and true, fun, plant-based Halloween recipes you’d like to share with our readers, please do – there’s nothing like enjoying some delicious (but still healthy) treats!