Pea Protein: A Perfect Plant-Based Protein

With a variety of whey proteins on the market, not much attention has been given to plant-based protein supplements, but that’s about to change thanks to a recent study.

Pea Protein: Whey Free & Way Good

A variety of plant-based protein supplements are available today (such as hemp or soy), but all signs are pointing to peas as the next big thing in protein. People who are allergic to other types of plant-based protein typically don’t have a problem with pea powder. Peas also offer a unique blend of amino acids, with a high concentration of lysine, arginine, and branched chain amino acids. Your body will also have an easier time digesting pea protein as it is lactose and gluten-free. It doesn’t stop there, though. Peas are naturally cholesterol and fat-free (whey powder can make no such claim) and contain more protein per volume than some of its counterparts, so you get more out of each scoop. Pea protein may help those looking for weight control by ghrelin levels. Ghrelin secreted in the stomach and tells your brain it’s hungry. Typically your ghrelin levels will rise some time after you eat, to prepare your body for the next meal. Pea protein lengthens this process by slowing down your digestion – so you feel full for a longer period. The production of peas also brings exterior benefits to the table – peas are a sustainable food source, easy to grow and are typically GMO-free. A lower carbon footprint equals a better earth – so go pea!

What Science Says about Pea Protein

If you’re adding protein to your diet as part of an exercise regime, then you’ll want to know how pea protein performs when compared to its non-pea counterparts. Which is where the study by Roquette and the University of Burgundy in France comes in: it compared the effects of pea protein, whey, and no supplement over a 12-week period and the resulting change in muscle mass. In all the tests, pea protein showed its worth. Compared against whey protein, the group consuming pea protein twice daily resulted in no statistical difference in muscle mass developed (meaning pea protein is just as effective as whey). As an interesting side observation, pea protein did perform slightly better when only the weaker participants were examined – which may indicate that pea protein is more effective for those just starting out with weight training.

Newly Reformulated Plant Protein Power

We’ve been so impressed with the effectiveness of pea protein and that’s why it’s a component in our newly reformulated Plant Protein Power. The new Plant Protein Power is a blend of Organic Pea Protein, Organic Sacha Inchi Protein, Organic Milled Flax and sweetened with Organic Stevia Leaf Extract and comes in three delectable flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. We’re also excited to introduce Natural, which is unflavored and unsweetened to be the cleanest plant-based protein available on the market.