Summer is Here – Time for a 22 Days Vegan Challenge!

The weather is warming and the layers are coming off, are you ready? It’s right about this time of year that we start to evaluate what we’ve eaten all year (and how much we’ve exercised) and come up a bit short. Rather than beating yourself up about it take a step forward to create a healthier, happier you with a 22 Days Vegan Challenge. We’ll fill you in on all the details.

How it Works

All you need to do is eat a plant-based diet for the next 22 days. Easy!! There’s no calorie counting, weighing, etc. so it’s super easy to get started. To give you a little more specifics: for 22 days, we want you to eat a whole foods, plant-based diet. For optimum health benefits (and weight loss), you’ll eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and millet. And you’ll avoid all animal products (meat, seafood, fish, eggs, dairy and honey), gluten (found in whole wheat and some other grains), soy and alcohol. After 22 days, you’ll probably feel so fantastic that you’ll want to keep going – we promise!

Getting Started

How about feeling great? Losing weight? Having more energy? If those all sound good to you, then it’s time to get started! We’ve developed a few options that will make your 22 Days Vegan Challenge a breeze!

  • 22 Day Vegan Challenge Kit that includes everything you need: meal plans and recipes, as well as bars and shakes to ensure you are getting 100% of your daily nutrition.
  • The 22-Day Revolution is the newest book from our founder Marco Borges. Marco inspires you with the health benefits of a plant-based diet and then arms you with over 65 recipes as well as daily meal plans.
  • Vegan Meal Planner – yes, we’ll deliver fresh and healthy plant-based meals to your doorstep! This is the perfect option for those of us who are short on time. You can sign up to receive 3 meals a day for 22 days making it a cinch to do a 22 Days Vegan Challenge!

Bumps in the Road

Don’t make the mistake of assuming “it’s vegan, so it must be healthy!” Case in point: French fries. It’s important to keep lots of healthy snacks on hand, so you’re not tempted to grab something in high fat or high sodium. Veggies and hummus, black bean dip, roasted chickpeas or almond butter on celery are great ideas. Of course, it can help to have a quick, healthy snack on hand for convenience, should the need arise – our new Plant-Protein Powders. You can do it! Start now and by the time summer is in full swing you will feel like a whole new person!