Healthy Plant-Based Diet Tips for a Busy Life

What’s the one thing that people find the most difficult when embracing something new? For many, it’s finding the time to incorporate it into an already busy routine. With work, home life, a social life, and keeping fit (not to mention the energy associated with raising a family and maintaining a relationship), it’s not surprising that, when push comes to shove, a healthy diet is often the first thing to go out the window. Fortunately, we’ve got some handy tips to incorporate plant-based eating into your day.

Start with a Smoothie

Beginning your day on a good note is the first step towards having a successful day – so start it off right. If you don’t have time to prepare a good breakfast, there’s nothing wrong with a smoothie. Pack it with Plant-Protein Powder, some greens and your favorite fruit for a delicious and energizing breakfast. Extra tip: Make a double batch and bring it to work for an afternoon snack, or share some with the kids.

Find Simple Meals

Your plant-based meals don’t have to be overly complicated. By keeping it simple you can stay focused on eating healthy, rather than finding the time to slice, dice, marinate, and cook. Your meal can be as simple as the Raw Walnut Tacos from The 22-Day Revolution. Not only is it done in about 10 minutes, it’s easy to make extra walnut meat to have for leftovers.

Make More Now, Enjoy Later

When you find a meal you like, make more! Most plant-based recipes can be easily frozen and enjoyed later, giving you an easy meal down the road. Chilis, sauces, and soups are a good place to start.

Have a Food Swap

Know some friends who want to eat clean as well? Organize a food swap – you each make a large batch of a plant-based meal and then swap some of the extras. You’ll all get a variety of meals that can be frozen and reheated for a quick, healthy meal.

Keep a Selection of Snacks

Failing to incorporate healthy snacks into a new diet, and then “falling off the wagon” with something that’s unhealthy often leads down a road where you’re no longer eating well. Plan ahead by ensuring that you always have a selection of healthy snacks on hand. This is as easy as having dried fruit and nuts in your desk at the office, a bag of carrots in the fridge at home, and a few healthy bars in the car.

Slow Cook

After a long day at the office or wrangling the kids, many of us just don’t have the time or energy to put into creating a healthy meal. The alternative? Throw everything in a crockpot in the morning, let it simmer, and your dinner is ready whenever you are.

Get Grocery or Meals Delivered

Sometimes, no matter how much you want to eat healthy you just don’t have the time to either shop for fresh produce every few days, or ensure that you have healthy meals planned for every day of the week. The solution? Delivery. There are many services out there that can deliver fresh, local produce to your door on a weekly basis, so you always have ingredients on hand for a healthy meal. For an even better chance at success with a plant-based diet, consider investing in your future health with fresh prepared meals delivered to your doorstep. With our Vegan Meal Planner, you can order today and be ready to embark on a journey to complete health next week!