Fall Favorites the Plant-Based Way

As the days cool down, our thoughts turn to hearty meals, to soups and stews and comforting soul-warming foods. On a plant-based diet, you might think that your options are limited, but we’ve pulled together some amazing meals to keep you full and warm through autumn and into winter. Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup Nothing’s better than a warm bowl of soup on a cool fall day – and butternut squash is a perfect base for a delicious and filling soup. Top with vegan sour cream and a dash of paprika for something beautiful. Even better, this recipe is made for the slow cooker so you can prepare this and have it waiting for you when you get home from work. Saweet! Potato Casserole Luxurious and filling, this side dish is low sugar and features a delicious crunchy topping that can feature at any meal (or even substitute for breakfast/dessert, in a pinch). Quinoa Salad with Butternut Squash, Cranberries, and Pepitas This colorful salad makes for an excellent side dish at your next gathering, or can easily fill in as a main meal for lunch or dinner. Make a big batch and it can be the perfect lunch to take to work. Festive Roasted Fall Vegetables Enjoy the beauty of fall colors with a combination of root vegetables. Feel free to add/substitute different veggies, depending on what you have handy or what your family prefers. Vegetarian Pumpkin Curry Who doesn’t love a bit of spice when the frost starts to creep up the windows? Choose your desired level of hotness with this colorful and healthy recipe, piled on top of quinoa or your favorite grain. Quinoa Chili Here’s a perfect hearty dish to double and freeze for a quick meal on busy nights – or start with sautéed onions and throw everything in the slow cooker to enjoy the medley of flavors as soon as you walk in the door. Acorn Alfredo Many types of squash can sub-in for a cheesy base, to make a yummy pasta dish (you can even sub in macaroni noodles and fool your kids!). This recipe is easy, healthy, and delicious. Carrot Apple Muffins It’s easy to pick up a (literal) ton of apples at this time of year, so take advantage and make a few batches of muffins that can sub in for a light snack, healthy treat, or quick breakfast. There are tons of great recipes out there featuring fall fruit and vegetables like squash, pumpkin, apple, turnip, etc. – so don’t stop here! Seasonal Dishes from Vegan Meal Delivery At 22 Days Nutrition, our plant-based chefs create dishes for Vegan Meal Delivery with the freshest, in-season organic produce. When you sign up for Vegan Meal Delivery this autumn, you’ll get dishes featuring seasonal vegetables and fruits like pumpkin, squash and apples.