3 Couples Take the 22 Days Vegan Challenge and the Results are Amazing!

This past fall, our Founder Marco Borges sat down with Steve Harvey to talk about the benefits of a healthy, plant-based diet. Marco shared stories of the dramatic weight loss that people have seen as well as an increase in energy, improved sex life, better skin and basically feeling like they have a new lease on life all from switching to a plant-based diet. With the recent release of Marco’s New York Times Best Seller, The 22-Day Revolution, many people have been curious to know if they too can lose weight and improve their health with a plant-based diet. So Marco and Steve decided to give The Steve Harvey Show audience an opportunity to see the results of a 22 Days Vegan Challenge firsthand.

The 22 Days Vegan Challenge

They challenged 3 couples to a plant-based diet for 22 Days. The 3 couples were determined to live a better life and finally take off extra weight that had been weighing them down for years. For the 22 Days Vegan Challenge, each couple received 22 Days of our Vegan Meal Planner and was weighed on Day 1 to get a combined starting weight. At the end of the Challenge, the couple that lost the most weight would be the winner of $10,000. 

The Results

A few weeks later, Marco was back on The Steve Harvey Show with the 3 couples to see how they did. All the participants had amazing transformations! Within just 22 days, they all lost weight, improved their digestion, had more energy and were sleeping better. The big winners were Kendra and Jayson who together, lost a combined 78.6 pounds in just 22 days – a total of 15.5% loss of their total body weight! The other two couples had similar dramatic results. Stephanie and David from West Virginia lost 93 pounds - a total combined weight 14% and are working out regularly. Katie and Nate lost 61 pounds - 13.6% of their combined total body weight and say that they have so much more energy. The couples have kept in touch with us to share their successes as they continue with a plant-based diet that has changed their lives. Watch the complete video below to see the dramatic before and after photos. Congratulations to all of the couples! You have worked hard and it shows. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey back to health and look forward to seeing your continued success. Wishing you the very best of health!