Spring Ahead with a 22 Days Vegan Challenge

Increase Energy

Embracing a plant-based diet means cutting a lot of unhealthy items out of your life – primarily unhealthy fats and excessive sugars. The result of a plant-based diet is that your body receives more comprehensive fuel, for increased energy and overall more efficient function. If you’ve noticed a distinct lack of energy, particularly in the afternoons, then a 22 Days Vegan Challenge could be just the thing to turn you around. In springtime, that extra energy will come in handy as you embrace sunny afternoons, evenings, and weekends with the people you love.

Find a Healthy Weight

Cutting out high-calorie, low nutrition foods is a positive first step towards a healthy weight. Whether you feel the need to lose a few or a lot, starting with healthy foods (like those on the 22 Days Vegan Challenge) helps to create a positive association with food, so you can feel happy and full at the same time, all while creating a healthier body. And, unlike common crash diets, you won’t have the “yo-yo” effect of losing and gaining weight. This spring, rather than dreading upcoming beach season, start with a positive change for not just a better body, but a better person all around.

Better for Everyone

There’s something about spring that makes us think more about everything around us – the environment, our friends and neighbors, all the baby animals J Plant-based eating does so much for you, but it also does so much for our planet. Cutting out animal products is great for animals, and it also drastically cuts down the carbon footprint of your food, which is a win-win for the planet and everyone in it.

Getting Started

Beginning a 22 Days Vegan Challenge is easy and you can read our quick guide along with options for getting started. You can also “ease in” to a challenge by cutting animal products out of all but one meal per day for one week, and then starting the challenge the following week. Make your 22 Days Vegan Challenge foolproof and sign up for 22 days of our Vegan Meal Delivery. Freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals are delivered to your doorstep so all you need to do is heat and enjoy. Learn more about Vegan Meal Planner. Embrace spring, and embrace a healthy new you with a 22 Days Vegan Challenge!